RiotMark Reale re-booted the Riot brand with a whole new lineup and an altered musical direction for the excellent 1988 album Thundersteel.  1990’s The Privilege Of Power was Thundersteel‘s follow up, and the results were slightly disappointing.  First of all, the interstitial bullshit between the songs really disrupts this album’s flow.  You see, there are these obtrusive soundbites (mostly channel changing and news reports) that gum up the works.  Unfortunately, these segments are not set aside as different tracks on the CD, which means you can’t skip them.  And some of them are quite long.  Otherwise, The Privilege of Power continues in the same vein as Thundersteel, with a generous serving of refined speed/power metal and a couple of quasi-ballads thrown in for good measure.  The new wrinkle here, was the inclusion of a horn section.  An ambitious choice, but ultimately one of little consequence.  While Thundersteel was flush with killer tracks like Bloodstreets, Johnny’s Back, and Flight Of The Warrior, The Privilege Of Power doesn’t boast that kind of firepower.  My score: B-

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