Evil – “Evil’s Message” (1984)

Evil's Message cover stock photoEvil!  There is a track on Evil’s Message called Take Good Care (Of Your Balls).  Hey guys, your preaching to the choir.

This five track mini-LP (sometimes refered to as an EP) was originally released on 12” vinyl (45 rpm) by Rave-On Records (RMLP-010) in 1984.  

In 1999, the French label, Axe Killer Records, released Evil’s Message as part of a split CD along with Sortilege’s 1983 self-titled mini-LP.  The catalog number was 3052012.  This seems to be a legit release and not a bootleg, but it looks as cheap as hell.  Take a look at the front cover pic in the gallery section below.  You will notice that the word “legendary” is misspelled!

I am not aware of any other legit versions of Evil’s Message, but there are at least two bootlegs circulating about.  One of the bootlegs is a split CD with Mercyful Fate’s 1982 self-titled mini-LP.  The other is a ‘picture disc’ 12″ LP from Metalized Blood Records (MBR-003).  I’m not sure when either of these two versions first started to appear, but since they are bootlegs I really don’t care.

(click to enlarge):

Info Nuggets:

  • Evil was from Denmark.  They were signed by Rave-On Records (from Holland).  Between 1982 and 1985, Rave-On Records released about a dozen albums including Mercyful Fate (1982, RMLP-002) and Sortilege (1983, RMLP-003).  Both of these mini-LPs would later be coupled with Evil’s Message on split CDs.
  • Axe Killer Records, the French label that issued Evil’s Message as part of a split-CD in 1999, was an active heavy metal label from 1984 – 1986, issuing around two dozen albums on vinyl.  Axe Killer Records returned in 1997.  They re-released many old ’80s albums on CD, including their own stuff and licensed pressings (such as Evil’s Message).
  • Evil’s guitarist called himself Kim Xmas.  There is a rumor that King Diamond actually played guitar on Evil’s Message under the pseudonym Kim Xmas.  This rumor is indeed FALSE.  There was no connection between Evil and King Diamond.  This rumor may have been exasperated by the fact that the 1999 Axe Killer Records pressing of Evil’s Message (as part of a split CD) credited “King Xmas” on guitar.   
  • The album artwork tells a bit of a story.  The front cover shows the band preparing to execute a woman.  The woman represents ‘Evil’.  The back cover shows that ‘Evil’ has turned the tables as she is pictured electrocuting (or casting a spell?) on the four guys.  The text below reads: “Evil’s power is not to be taken lightly”. 

My Worthless Opinion
:  First of all, three of the four guys in the band had mustaches, and these mustaches were the kind that had the pointy ends (see pic on back cover).  Off to a good start, right there, with the mustaches. 

Having always liked the cover art to Evil’s Message as well as the band’s cool logo, I actually bought this album without having listened to any of it beforehand (which is something I rarely do).  Highlights include the opening instrumental, Evil’s Message, which unloads a barrage of cool riffs.  The closing number, Take Good Care (Of Your Balls), is also a pretty good tune.  The production on Evil’s Message is surprisingly decent, and the band sounds tight in their execution of speedy Euro metal.  The weak link for me would be the singer, Pearl Angel, whose average (at best) vocals do not do justice to the rest of the band’s ball crushing power.  A little piss in the punch bowl so to speak.  So the question is, would I have bought this album if I had listened to it first?  Probably not, but I’m glad to have Evil’s Message in my collection because it’s kind of a collector’s item these days, and, like I said, that’s a pretty cool logo.  My score: C


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