TT Quick – “TT Quick” (1984)

TT Quick front coverTT Quick are remembered by many as a very popular club act that made their bones in the New York/New Jersey area during the ’80s.  They debuted with this impressive five track mini-LP in 1984.  TT Quick showed the promise of a young band on the rise, a band that sounded tough as nails and ready for a fight (just like the lightning-bolted-fist that adorns the album cover).

TT Quick was released on vinyl in 1984 by Avalanche Records (a division of Megaforce Records).  The catalog number was MARZ 2002.  It was also released on cassette.  To date, I believe these are the only versions of TT Quick that exist; the album has never been released on CD.

Gallery (click to enlarge):

Info Nuggets:

  • When TT Quick was released in 1984, Megaforce Records was still an independent U.S. label.  TT Quick was released by Avalanche Records, a division of Megaforce.  Avalanche appears to have been a short-lived division.  The only other Avalanche Records release that I was able to track down was the self-titled LP by the band Eric Steel (1984, catalog number MARZ 2001).
  • This was the only TT Quick release to feature Glenn Evans on drums.  He left the band prior to TT Quick’s next album, 1986’s Metal Of Honor, to join Nuclear Assault.  Guitarist Dave DiPietro would also join Nuclear Assault much later, in the early ’90s.
  • TT Quick guitarist Dave DiPietro was a guitar tutor for both Zakk Wylde and Dave “Snake” Sabo (Skid Row).
  • In 1984, the U.K. metal magazine, Metal Forces (issue #4), reviewed TT Quick and scored it a perfect 10.
  • Child Of Sin was re-recorded for TT Quick’s 1986 album, Metal Of Honor.
  • The lyrics of Child Of Sin make reference to the seedy shit hole that was Times Square in the ’80s.  This may come as a surprise to many of us who maybe too young to remember what Times Square was like in the ’80s, as it was nothing like the tourist-friendly haven it is today.  Back then it was overrun by crime, smut, and prostitution.
  • Fortunate Son is a cover of the Creedence Clearwater Revival classic.
  • The only track taken from TT Quick to appear on CD was Victims, which was included on the 1991 Megaforce compilation Deeper Into The Vault.

My Worthless Opinion:  This little five track gem hits the ground running with the lead track Go For The Throat, a tasty slice of American metal.  A cover of Creedence’s Fortunate Son comes next, and it is an interesting cover choice to say the least.  CCR are one of my favorite rock and roll bands of all time, so the gesture is much appreciated.  (Off the top of my head, I can only remember one other ’80s heavy metal band that covered a CCR song, that would be Leatherwolf with their version of Bad Moon Rising.)  The best track on TT Quick, in my opinion, is the side 1 finale, the chugg-a-riffic Child Of Sin, which has a very strong chorus that, interestingly, only appears twice in the song.  This kind of understated song writing approach works well to elicit repeated listens, and suppresses what I call “chorus fatigue”.  Chorus fatigue makes you sick of a song very quickly, while songs like Child Of Sin leave you thirsty for more.  My score: A


2 thoughts on “TT Quick – “TT Quick” (1984)

  1. There is a cassette pressing of this…I never seen one in the record stores from, 1984-1988, when Important records, did Megaforce’s manufacturing and marketing for this release.

    But I saw one on eBay….and it is added it to my want list.

    For Metal of Honor…Megaforce/ Futurist did a repress last year, the CD reads p 1986/ c 1996, and when I seen it. I snagged a copy right away..

    from the top of my head. I believe Metal of Honor cat#, on CD is 20286-1972

    Yeah… Avalanche Records was a short lived label, ran by Marsha Zazula, who really loved Eric Steel and TT Quick ALOT, the divison had to be shut-down, because the sales were so low for Eric Steel and Avalanche did a huge press run, ooopps, (Avalanche went all out for Eric Steel, but the band could not catch a big break AFTER creating a huge buzz), Megaforce deleted Eric Steel and TT Quick from the back catalogue…

    TT Quick’s “Metal of Honor” was on Island Records/ Megaforce, because Megaforce signed distro deals with Island and Atlanatic Records and Eric Steel went over to Passport Records,after being dropped from the Avalance Records roster.

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