Junkyard – “Junkyard” (1989)

front cover (stock photo)

Junkyard!  Here is one of my favorite releases of 1989.  These days a used CD of Junkyard can be found for less than five bucks!  That’s a nice price for this smokin’ gem!

Junkyard was released in 1989 by Geffen Records (CD: 9 24227-2, LP: GHS 24227, cassette: MSG 24227).  In the U.K., the catalog numbers were WX 266 (LP), WX 266C (cassette), and 9 24227-2 (CD).  In 1997, Geffen re-issued Junkyard as part of their Geffen Goldline series whereby Geffen re-released some of their back catalog at discount prices.  The Goldline re-issues were pressed on CD and cassette.


Gallery (click to enlarge):

Info Nuggets:

  • Earl Slick (best known as one of David Bowie’s guitarists) makes a guest appearance playing slide guitar on Simple Man and Long Way Home.
  • Junkyard had a record deal within nine months of their formation.
  • Contrary to popular belief, Junkyard were NOT signed as part of the record label ‘gold rush’ to find the next Guns N’ Roses.  Junkyard were courted by Geffen (the same label that signed Guns N’ Roses) in 1987, and signed in early 1988.  Although Guns N’ Roses’ mega-hit Appetite For Destruction was released in 1987, it was not until well into 1988 that the Appetite For Destruction album started to become a phenomenon.  Therefore, Junkyard’s record deal was not a direct result of a record label strategy to repeat the formula of Guns N’ Roses.  This misconception may have been exasperated by the fact that Junkyard was not released until 1989, at the height of the Guns N’ Roses ‘gold rush’.
  • Videos for Hollywood and Simple Man were released.
  • Check out ddays-revenge.com for an informative interview with Junkyard’s Pat Muzingo (drums).  The interview has a few nice tidbits about the Junkyard album.
  • Another interesting Junkyard interview can be found on sleazeroxx.com.  Three members of Junkyard were interviewed for this piece.  Once again, there are a few nice tidbits about the Junkyard album.

My Worthless Opinion:  With a masterful mish-mashing of blues rock, punk rock, and southern rock, Junkyard were a dusty Texas boot crammed into Hollywood’s glittery corn hole.  As it turned out, they never became huge, but Junkyard garnered some modest exposure with this, their debut album.  For me, Junkyard remains one of the true gems of the so-called “sleaze” movement of the late eighties and early nineties (although I am not sure the “sleaze” label truly fits Junkyard).  Junkyard is jam-packed with killer tracks such as the greasy Blooze, the nasty Texas, and the snot-nosed Shot In The Dark.  Best of all is the incredible Simple Man (no, not a Skynryd cover).  Junkyard has got it all; great production, great ballads, great rockers, great lyrics, great playing… great shit.  My score: A+



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