Warlord – “Deliver Us” (1983)

Deliver Us cover

Warlord pinched off this majestic loaf in 1983.  Deliver Us was their debut EP/mini-LP.  Unfortunately, Warlord never progressed past anything more than a studio project.  They never performed live!  Well, at least they managed to leave behind this steaming pile of AWESOME!  

Deliver Us was originally released by Metal Blade Records on vinyl in 1983 (MBR 1005). 

In Japan, Deliver Us was released on vinyl in ’83 (or ’84?) by Sounds Marketing System (SMS) Records.  The catalog number was SP25-5098.  A bonus track, Mrs. Victoria was included on the Japanese release.  Mrs. Victoria was also included on the 1983 Metal Blade Records compilation, Metal Massacre III (Metal Blade MBR 1008 and Enigma E1017). 

In 1989, Metal Blade Records released a Warlord retrospective on CD called Best Of Warlord (catalog number 7 72420-2).  This compilation contained thirteen tracks, including all the tracks from Deliver Us.  This marked the first time the entire Deliver Us album appeared on CD.  Metal Blade re-issued the Best Of Warlord CD in 1993 with a different cover (catalog number 3984-14022-2).  Both versions are out of print.  The 1993 version is easier to find.

In 2003, Metal Blade Records released a DVD + CD package called Warlord Book 1: And The Cannons Of Destruction Have Begun… (catalog number 3984-34032-9).  It contained a DVD of the 1984 video And The Cannons Of Destruction Have Begun…, as well as an audio CD of Deliver Us (re-mastered, and with the Mrs. Victoria bonus track).  The DVD + CD package was also released by a German label, Drakkar Entertainment GmbH, but with the title Deliver Us.    

There are a few bootleg versions of Deliver Us.  First, there are some picture LPs floating around.  These started to appear around 2002 or so.  Apparently these LP editions were limited to 700 hand-numbered copies, but given the shady nature of these releases, I doubt they were truly ‘limited’.  Catalog numbers include LP-002 and AE 45158A.  Buyer beware!  Another bootleg was a 2003 CD digipack version of Deliver Us manufactured in Greece.  This bootleg was issued by ‘Sound & Vision’ (catalog number SV-008). 


Gallery (click to enlarge):

Info Nuggets:

  • An earlier version of Lucifer’s Hammer appeared on the Metal Blade Records compilation Metal Massacre II (1982, MBR 1004).
  • Warlord’s guitarist, ‘Destroyer’ (real name: William J. Tsamis), wrote all the lyrics and music for Deliver Us.   
  • William J. Tsamis also played all the bass parts on Deliver Us.  Therefore Tsamis was not only ‘Destroyer’ but also ‘The Raven’ (bass).
  • According to William J. Tsamis, Deliver Us was recorded on a budget of less than $500.
  • Warlord’s drummer, ‘Thunder Child’ (real name: Mark Zonder) would later become a member of Fates Warning.
  • Warlord’s keyboardist, ‘The Sentinel’ (real name: Diane Kornarens) would later become a member of Sahara.
  • Jack Rucker, under the pseudonym ‘Damien King’, provided vocals on Deliver Us
  • If you take a close look at the album cover painting, there are two gravestones with epitaphs.  One says “Guardian Angel – August 28, 1982”.  The other says “Deathmaster – April 27, 1982”.  I am not sure about the significance of these epitaphs, but maybe they are the names of former band mates?  Maybe the dates refer to the day that ‘Guardian Angel’ and ‘Deathmaster’ left the band (or were fired)?  Just a thought.  Anyone know?
  • Warlord was one of the first bands to release an album on Metal Blade Records, along with Bitch and Demon Flight.
  • At the time of the Deliver Us release, Metal Blade releases were distributed by Enigma Records.  The original Deliver Us mini-LP came with an advertisement insert for Enigma Records (I put pics in the gallery).  If you take a closer look at the insert (the back side) you will see that in the top left corner there is an ad for Deliver Us, but it is riddled with errors.  First of all, it says the album is called “Warlord” instead of Deliver Us.  Second, the catalog number says MBR 1003 instead of MBR 1005.  Third, it says there are three tracks instead of six.  (In case you were wondering, MBR 1003 was the catalog number for Demon Flight’s self-titled EP.) 

My Worthless Opinion:  With their boots charred by the embers of their burning metal hearts, Warlord were not the typical L.A. metal band of the early ’80s.  Nay, these steel warriors had an obvious affinity for the sound and imagery of British heavy metal.  One imagines the likes of Thunder Child and Destroyer, in a room strewn with Rainbow and Angel Witch records, lustily crafting their metal “art” and scoffing at the Ratts and Motley Crues of the world.  Of course, I also imagine they refused to answer to anything other than ‘Thunder Child’ or ‘Destroyer’.  But all is well, because Deliver Us doth kick ass.  Child Of The Damned, Lucifer’s Hammer, and Black Mass just plain crush.  Though Deliver Us From Evil and Winter Tears are not as heavy as the afore-mentioned scrote pulverizers, they are every bit as dark and wicked.  The low-budget production only enhances the old-timey, ‘dark age’ feel of this iron-forged pant load.  My score: A


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