Abattoir – “Vicious Attack” (1985)

Several years ago, it was very difficult (and expensive) to find a CD copy of Abattoir’s Vicious Attack.  As is the case with many out-of-print ’80s metal albums, rareness fueled demand amongst hardcore fans and collectors, and as a result the album achieved a certain degree of cult status.  Furthermore, Abattoir were one of the earliest U.S. speed metal bands out there, so there is an inherent respect afforded them for pre-dating the explosion of thrash metal bands that took the metal world by storm in the second half of the ’80s.  Vicious Attack was originally released in 1985 on Combat Records.

My Worthless Opinion:  Considering its vintage (1985), Vicious Attack was fairly cutting edge for its time, but not ground-breaking by any means.  Of course, a band like Metallica was light years ahead of Abattoir in terms of song-writing and performance in the thrash/speed realm.  Vicious Attack contains full throttle speed metal with enough hooks to maintain my interest for a little while.  However, as I listen to an album like this I can’t help but think that this type of heavy metal evolved so quickly in the ’80s that Vicious Attack seems primitive and obsolete in retrospect.  The album my be worth a listen or three, but there are too many great ’80s albums out there that require my more urgent attention.  I guess if I live to be 101 years old I will eventually get around to pulling Vicious Attack off the shelf for another spin.  My score: C+


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