Abattoir – “The Only Safe Place” (1986)

In a previous post, I reviewed Abattoir’s 1985 debut Vicious Attack.  Their second (and last) LP was 1986’s The Only Safe Place on Combat Records (Noise Records also released the album in some countries).  For this album, Abattoir had a different singer, Mike Towers.

My Worthless Opinion:  Abattoir eases up on the throttle for The Only Safe Place.  In  comparison to Vicious Attack‘s balls-out speed metal, this record seems a bit more traditional, and even a tad melodic at times.  New vocalist Mike Towers is not a tremendous improvement over previous vocalist Steve Gaines.  Towers sounds strained and screechy, but he is tolerable.  This album is pretty average stuff.  Not terrible, but not particularly memorable.  I do remember playing this cassette in my car for a spell, and even liking one track (Under My Skin) enough to include it on one of my precious mix tapes.  My score: C+


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