Babylon A.D. – “Babylon A.D.” (1989)

Tons of commercial metal albums (sleaze, glam, hair… whatever you wan to call it) flooded the market in 1989.  It was a great thing.  It’s hard to believe nowadays but there was a time when well-produced, well-crafted hard rock/metal was played on the radio!!  Actual SONGS were played on the radio!  People who played INSTRUMENTS!!  People with TALENT!!  Unfortunately, most pop metal bands never amassed the loyal cult following that the more extreme metal genres did.  Pop metal relied a lot on imagery, MTV airplay, and the casual fan.  So when the mainstream turned its back on pop metal, most of the bands didn’t survive (or had to change their sound to remain relevant; like Bon Jovi).  What’s my point?  I guess I am saying that there was a shit load of bands that arrived just before the bubble burst and released some damn fine music!  There is a treasure trove of CDs out there that you may have forgotten about, or never heard of, that have some really good songs on them!  These were major label releases with fat production values.  Bands were making their play for the big time, and most had at least one rocking lead single and a big-ass power ballad in their pocket (right next to the rolled up sock in their underwear).  Babylon A.D. is one of these ol’ treasures that deserves a little love.

My Worthless Opinion:  True to the formula, Babylon A.D. had a rockin’ lead single in Bang Go The Bells, and a monster ballad in Desperate at the ready as they made their play for rock stardom.  Some mild exposure ensued but platinum sales never materialized for this Oakland band.  I popped this CD in the car today, and damn if I wasn’t enjoying the hell out of it!  I am a big sucker for power ballads, and Desperate is right up there with the best.  I ain’t ashamed!  Back In Babylon is another fave.  But the real gem of Babylon A.D. is most definitely Sally Danced.  Hey, ain’t nothin’ but a good time, so why should I resist?  My score: A-


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