Ace Frehley – “Frehley’s Comet” (1987)

I grew up with an older brother who worshiped KISS, so this Ace Frehley album got tons of airplay in our household back in 1987.  My bro had the tape and I remember hearing Rock Soldiers (which I LOVED!), Into The Night, and We Got Your Rock blaring from his room many times.  Years later, my bro upgraded to CD and gave me his old cassette.  I tossed it in a box and forgot about it.  Now I have finally dusted it off for a fresh listen and may I just say: DAMN THIS KICKS ASS!

What I never realized back in the day is that there are three songs on this tape that aren’t sung by Ace, but rather by guitarist/keyboardist Tod Howarth.  I guess I never heard these songs blaring from bro’s room because, being the KISS purist he was, he didn’t care for any songs that didn’t have Ace on vocals.  So here I am discovering three great tunes for the first time; Breakout, Something Moved, and Calling To You.  Howarth brought Calling To You from his old band, 707.  It’s a re-write of a tune called Mega ForceCalling To You is my favorite cut on the album, it’s a super catchy anthem that rocks in full ’80s glory.  I wish I hadn’t waited so long to get into Frehley’s Comet. The post-KISS Ace came back strong with this album, and he wisely enlisted the help of talented musicians and writers to get it done.  Insert clever “Ace is back and he told you so!” joke here.  My score: A-


One thought on “Ace Frehley – “Frehley’s Comet” (1987)

  1. This album kicks some serious asses, Breakout And Rock Soldiers are my favourite songs from this album…Hail Ace The Spaceman

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