Icon – “Icon” (1984)

Icon!  The self-titled debut by this Phoenix band came out on Capitol Records in ’84.  The sound is a heavy brand of commercial metal (“hair”, if you please) on par with the likes of W.A.S.P., Ratt, or heavy Dokken.

Icon is a very solid slice of mid-eighties metal that would sound perfect blaring from a Camaro’s tape deck.  The guitars are in your face and the guy at the mic sounds like a much better version of Blackie Lawless.  Only the album’s last track, a forgettable ballad called It’s Up To You, fails to deliver in fist pumping rock action.  I’ll say this, there isn’t a lot of variety or even originality offered up by Icon, but the album should not be passed up by fans of the aforementioned bands.  Particularly pleasing is the lead cut (Rock On) Through The Night, as well as the album’s most famous song On Your Feet.  My personal fave, however, would have to be the song World War.  The lyrics are about a World War occurring in the future date of, get this, 1995!  Man, I’m getting old!  This kind of thing gives me the warm and fuzzies thinking back to the simple times in the Cold War 1980’s were the threat of mutually assured destruction between the U.S. and the Soviets was the subject of tons of kick-ass music and movies.  This song makes me want to go out and rent Red Dawn (which also came out in 1984).  Its been a long time since I saw that gem, and everyone should get a dose of Swayze now and again.  Ah, the good times.  When we knew just who the hell our enemy was and where they lived.  We didn’t know how good we had it back then.  Speaking of back then, the music sure kicked ass didn’t it?  My score: B+


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