Jag Panzer – “Jag Panzer” (1983)

Jag Panzer!  The band that delivered on of the better “metal-up-your-ass” albums of the ’80s with their 1984 LP Ample Destruction began life with this four-song EP in 1983.  The EP came out on an independent U.S. label called Azra Records.  The EP did not bear a title and thus has been referred to simply as Jag Panzer by some.  It is also commonly known as Tyrants (or some variation there of, such as The Tyrants EP).  This is probably due in part to the 1992 CD re-issue of the EP on Mausoleum Records which bore the name Tyrants.

The 1992 Mausoleum re-issue of the EP contained a fifth track called Tower Of Darkness.  The song was apparently recorded at the same time as the EP but not included on the original release.

The version of the EP that is the easiest to find is (unfortunately) a bootleg.  The CD, by “No Poser” Records, contains all the songs from Jag Panzer and Ample Destruction on a single disc.

Jag Panzer re-recorded the tracks from the EP for their 2003 CD Decade Of The Nail Spiked Bat.

My Worthless Opinion:  Like many, my introduction to Jag Panzer was by way of their ’84 album Ample Destruction; an album that, of course, rocked my socks off.  Unfortunately after going back and listening to this, their debut EP, I am still in stocking feet.  My socks have not been rocked off and god-damn-it my feet are still warm and cozy!  The Panzer division had yet to find their sea legs with this debut, and the four songs on the EP are raw and not particularly memorable.  Only the spirited performance of vocalist Harry “The Tyrant” Conklin keeps this from being completely forgettable.  At the time, Jag Panzer was only a four-piece band.  After this EP, Jag Panzer added a second guitarist, Joey Tafola, to their ranks.  This may have been what turned the corner for Jag Panzer.  All the necessary pieces were obviously in place by the time they recorded their tour de force Ample Destruction.  Consider Jag Panzer an interesting collection piece, but not something worthy of worship.  My score: C+


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