Blind Fury – “Out Of Reach” (1985)

Newcastle’s Blind Fury released their one and only album, Out Of Reach, in 1985 via Roadrunner Records.  Blind Fury consisted of four of the five members of the Satan lineup that released the well-regarded Court In The Act in 1983.  The only change from that lineup was a vocalist switch from Brian Ross to Lou Taylor.  In many ways, Blind Fury is no more than Satan with a name change.  In fact, after this release Lou Taylor and the Blind Fury name were jettisoned, and the name Satan was reinstated to the band.

My Worthless Opinion:  Almost all the reviews I have ever read for Out Of Reach have been glowing ones.  I must admit, I don’t get the boner that most seem to be getting from Out Of Reach.  It’s hard for me to isolate my detachment from this record because, admittedly, at any given point in time there is something good going on.  The guitar duo of Steve Ramsey and Russ Tippins delivers the goods with fluidity and technical mastery, and the voice of Lou Taylor is a regal tour de force.  Furthermore, the rhythm section is rock solid and the production is dead on.  So what gives?  Well sometimes the music does not match up to the sum of its parts.  The songs don’t coalesce as they should even though everyone is performing superbly.  There is a certain icy and emotionless feel to the record, maybe due to Taylor’s all-to-perfect, grandiloquent voice.  Don’t get me wrong, there are some quality tunes on board.  Lead track Do It Loud is a power-metal smoker, and Out Of Reach and Back Inside are fine cuts.  But I can’t say that Out Of Reach makes me drool.  Then again, who am I?  Just some douche is all.  Anyhoo, if it’s a touch of imperial splendor you desire, Out Of Reach may be your wet dream.  My score: B


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