Battleaxe – “Power From The Universe” (1984)

Battleaxe!  Power From The Universe was this U.K. band’s second album.  It was released in 1984 by the Music For Nations label.  It was also released by the Dutch label, Roadrunner Records.

My Worthless Opinion:  On Power From The Universe, Battleaxe plow their way through an eight-song set of meat and potatoes British heavy metal.  This kind of thing, coming from the year 1984, probably won’t turn too many heads these days.  However, Power Of The Universe is, in my opinion, an above average play on some time-worn heavy metal formulas.  There are full-bellied riffs straight from the “heavy metal 101” songbook.  Fans of bands such as Saxon or AC/DC will feel right at home with these familiar guitar lines.  The simple riffs over strong backing beats allow these songs to breathe, which makes them easily digestible upon first listen.  Of course, none of the characteristics can be effective without proper production.  Luckily, the recording is a robust one, with plenty of instrument fidelity.  Very strong for 1984.  Vocalist Dave King gives an understated performance, staying comfortably within his range, and not really attempting too many screams or really high notes.  He has a bit of a rasp in his voice for that gives him a bit of a greasy chain, denim ‘n leather, street vibe.

The best track is probably Chopper Attack which has a fast tempo and heavy feel that sets the right attitude for some rockin’ (or a switch blade fight).  License To Rock and Movin’ Metal Rock are two more kick-ass tunes that are simple and mighty, calling to mind the glory of early Saxon.  My score: B


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