Accu§er – “The Conviction” (1987)

The German thrash band Accu§er released The Conviction on Atom H Records in 1987 (catalog number 003).  Atom H Records was also the home of the thrash band Protector.

If someone were to take a look at the cheapish cover art (although I like it), and the rather unknown record label (Atom H), they may not expect much from The Conviction.  However, what lies beneath is pretty well-produced, very well-played thrash.  There are seven tracks.  All very solid.  I think what makes the album a success is the ridiculous amount of great riffs.  It seems like every song has a half-dozen or so smart and interesting riffs.  I like the guitar tone; it is dry and not over saturated.  This way, all the palm-muted notes are discernible.  The overall feel of the album is sinister and menacing without resorting to cartoonish posturing.  The vocalist has an evil atonal snarl that is tolerable and not overdone.  All the words are decipherable and his nasty delivery fits the mood of the music.

Now how about that cover, huh?  That old dude reminds me of that guy in all the Phantasm movies.  I guess that’s why I like it.  Also, I’m digging that “§” thingy in their name.  Personal faves are the ten minute track Accuser and the opening number Evil Liar.  My score: B+


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