Angel Dust – “Into The Dark Past” (1986)

Germany’s Angel Dust released the Into The Dark Past LP in 1986 on Disaster Records (a German heavy metal label).  The CD saw release via Scratch Records (another German label).  The CD was pressed in Japan.  (1986 was pretty early in the CD age and Japan was ahead of the curve.)

The album was the band’s debut offering.  Angel Dust released another album in 1988 (To Dust You Will Decay) and then disappeared for a decade.  (Angel Dust resurfaced in 1998 with a new sound, but that is of no concern to this website!)

Okay, Into The Dark Past is pretty much a pure speed metal album.  I mean it is as pure as you can get.  After a brief instrumental intro, the album becomes a blur of almost non stop speed.  The ever-repeating snare drum is like a gatling gun firing round after round into my throbbing brain.  The whole album seems like one long song to me.  If speed is what your after, speed is what you will get with Into The Dark Past.  There really isn’t much else.

Excluding the intro, five of the seven tracks clock in at over five minutes.  I think the songs could use a little haircut.  Without much variation, the merciless speed (though impressive) just drags on too much for me.  It doesn’t help that the singer is rather ordinary and tuneless.  I think Into The Dark Past may be better if sampled in small doses.

Most of the CD copies of Into The Dark Past you will find on eBay, or similar sites, are bootlegs.

Oh… I almost forgot.  The drummer’s name was Dirk Assmuth.  That really isn’t of much consequence, I just think it’s a funny sounding last name.  Assmuth.  He He.  My score: C


6 thoughts on “Angel Dust – “Into The Dark Past” (1986)

  1. “Germany’s Angel Dust released the Into The Dark Past LP in 1986 on Disaster Records (a German heavy metal label). The CD saw release via Scratch Records (another German label). The CD was pressed in Japan. (1986 was pretty early in the CD age and Japan was ahead of the curve.)”

    This is one of my favorite top 100 favorite traditional heavy metal releases. So I am always trying to replace old tattered vinyl and cassettes of my favorites all the time. And when I switched from vinyl to CD in 1997, this is one of those items i wanted badly. There are 2 different original versions I know of the first version has the Scratch discography, in the middle part of the booklet, and the second version has the lyrics of the album, in the middle paart of the booklet.

    I have 2 CD’s of this title, but my booklet is blank in the middle part of the booklet insert. I tried for a couple of months on ebay to get either of the first 2 original pressings, and a mail order distro was monitoring my bidding on this. And offered to sell me a sealed copy of this, and I thought no, I need 2 copies of this. And latter I found it was bootleg version. With the matrix of USDM.

    I have heard this CD, had been bootlegged with 5 different matrix’s.

  2. When one founders of this band, when asked about if the owned a CD version of this title. Because it sells for outrageous money. Myself I tried for a couple of months, bidding car payment/ mortgage payment money, type of bids, and lost every time. He stated he is always on the l@@k-out for a used copy of “Into the the Dark Past”, in the second hand used VINYL stores, and gave up on finding this on CD himself.

    I have avoided the bootleg boom, because I started collecting CD’s aggressively from 1997- 1999, very late in the game, as a CD collector.

    So the only time I have to worry about bootlegs is when I have to replace a tattered or scratched CD, and I am shocked what as been bootlegged.

    The only bootleg resource around today is a website called metal treasures. Back during the bootleg boom there was a excellent web site from Germany and one from Singapore, but to bad the went defunct.

    Honestly I myself am stuck buying bootlegs, because the place I used to buy old metal cassettes, went under, and even though cassettes are still cheap, I just do not have a reliable network to purchase them.

    The choice of the lesser of 2 evils, cassettes that suck beyond belief, or CD replica or a official CD. Sometimes I just hate the music busine$$…arrgghhh.

    I am just waiting, for a official re-edition or a re-recording like Jag Panzer did with “Decade of the Spiked Bat”.

  3. Haha, i sold an original angel dust ‘ into the … ‘ CD in 1994 to a very small second hand cd shop , ( any of my friends was interested to buy my copy ) , this one was like a shame in my death/ thrash collection, was a young guy of 18 years old and angel dust sounded for me and my friends like a rotten metal joke, ( crappy cover, voice too far of the usual aggressive style like kreator, slayer,… ) , i was not a fan of heavy metal so this kind of speed metal was not for me. i ve got this one in 1992 to a junkies who sold me a bunch of original first pressing metal CD for 30 French Francs ( 4,50 Euros ) ( all the slayer first pressing ’til seasons in the abyss, vio-lence first cd, anthrax first cd, dark angel first cd, … ) At this period, was fan of underground death metal, i kept everything except anthrax, vio-lence and angel dust …
    I ve just listened “Angel dust” and it’s not so bad, still not my favourite band but it doesn’t sounds like a joke as we thought in the past. was just young and stupid , haha
    i sold it 4,50 euros and now, i ve jsut discovered it’s a holy grail sold around 450 / 500 euros. shit !
    The bootlegs look good, non sense to spend this crazy amount but i don’t have to judge the collectors . the small cd shop closed in the mid 90’s, it’s now a kebab sandwich ; ) …

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