Apocalypse – “Apocalypse” (1987)

Apocalypse was a thrash band from Switzerland.  Their debut album was originally self-released by the band in 1987.  This private pressing was on Crash Records (CRA 001).  Apparently, the pressing was limited to about 500 copies.  The cover of the album is shown on the left, and it depicts the four horsemen of the apocalypse.

In 1988, Apocalypse was officially released by Out Of Tune Records (a Swiss label).  The album featured a different cover and a different band logo.  The cover is shown in the gallery section below.

The U.K. label, Under One Flag Records, licensed Apocalypse from Out Of Tune Records and released the album in 1988.  The cover was the same as the Out Of Tune Records version.  The Under One Flag version is the most readily available version these days.

My Worthless Opinion: I was taking a gander at a map the other day.  I noticed Switzerland borders Germany.  Just as I thought.  But despite the proximity, Apocalypse didn’t cop the typical German thrash sound.  In general, I think German thrash was more extreme than American thrash.  (The U.S. and (West) Germany were considered the two biggest thrash hotbeds in the ’80s.)  Yep, German thrash was, on average, consistently faster and less assessable than American thrash.  Bands like Sodom and Destruction from Germany were pretty relentless, while American bands like Metallica and Anthrax were a bit more tuneful.  Apocalypse’s influences, interestingly, seem to have been the American brand of thrash.  (Apocalypse actually toured with Metallica at one point).  But let’s not get excited, Metallica these guys ain’t.

For me, Apocalypse is an adequate release that certainly holds my interest, but doesn’t exactly compel my finger to reach for the repeat button.  I mean, the riffs are worthwhile, but nothing to get ya all boned up.  The good news is the singing is pretty clean and not a distraction, and there are enough peaks and valleys on the record to keep it from being a boring or one-dimensional.  The bad news is there are two instrumentals on Apocalypse, which is exactly two too many in my opinion.

I guess I would say Apocalypse is a slightly above average thrash record from the ’80s, but let us not forget that this is 1987/1988 we are talking about and not 1984/1985, so Apocalypse weren’t exactly breaking new ground with this record.

Hey, there’s just too much great metal out there that needs my more urgent attention, so I have to bid Apocalypse adieu and move on.  My score: B-

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