Assault – “Survival In The Street” (1987)

A web search about Assault didn’t turn up much info.  I guess they are pretty damn obscure.  Assault was from Vancouver, Canada.  Their only official album was Survival In The Street.  It came out on an indie Canadian label called Music Line Records.  This was the same label that released Pretty Boy Floyd’s 1988 album Bullets & Lipstik (yes, they spelled “lipstick” as “lipstik”).  That particular Pretty Boy Floyd was the Canadian one and NOT the American one that released Leather Boyz With Electric Toyz.  Scratch Records (Germany) also released Survival In The Street (on license from Music Line, I presume).

I really like this album cover.  I think its cool.  First of all, the Assault logo is killer!  And that painting is awesome.  Is that C-3PO?  The pic has a futuristic feel that just screams of mid-eighties greatness.  Reminds me of RoboCop.  Great movie by the way.  Incidentally, RoboCop also came out in 1987.

Survival In The Street is a pretty average heavy metal album.  Fully competent on all fronts, but unremarkable.  I would not describe Survival In The Street as one of those long-lost gems that you just MUST hear.

Survival In The Street was an indie release, and true to form the album has a less than perfect overall sound.  The mix is a bit rough.  I guess you could say the sound quality of the record is typical of an ’80s indie.

In my (worthless) opinion, there are three tracks that are pretty good.  The first one is the title track which kicks off the album.  It is a drum driven track with a spacial verse that transitions into a double bass pounded pre-chorus and a screaming chorus.  Next is Thunder Road, which houses some of the album’s better riffage.  Finally there is my favorite, Shuffle Off To Buffalo.  This song is about some hard-drinking going down in ol’ Buffalo.  This is probably the most energizing song on Survival In The Street.  Double bass galore and a fun chorus (“I’m gonna shuffle off to Buffalo, go where the buffaloes roam!”).  My score: C+


One thought on “Assault – “Survival In The Street” (1987)

  1. The cover art is, in fact, the best aspect of this release, and that’s usually not a good thing. The music itself is decent, but I don’t find myself in the mood for it very often. C+

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