Bad Lizard – “Power Of Destruction” (1985)

The back cover of this 1985 LP featured a band photo that has to go down in history as one of the more unintentionally funny band shots of the ’80s.  The pic is presented at the bottom of the post.  A curious metal fan may take one look at the photo and pass on the album.  One could not fault such a dismissal, as who among us wouldn’t think that Power Of Destruction must be a bungled mess from a clueless collection of grinning idiots.  Could these mustachioed, sweat band wearing Belgians have anything worthwhile to offer?  Actually, yes!  If you’re a hunter of lost ’80s metal records, Bad Lizard’s Power Of Destruction is worth a listen for sure.  I don’t want you getting too excited, as this is not a true gem, but it is a solid chunk of Euro-metal wax.

Power of Destruction was released by Roadrunner Records.  It also was released in Brazil via Rock Brigade Records.  There is some confusion as to whether the Belgian label, Antler Subway Records, also released the album.  I have yet to find evidence that this is the case.  As far as CD versions go, I don’t believe an official CD release exists, although a cheap CD-R bootleg has been pawned by the phony Las Vegas label “Strike Force”.

There isn’t a whole lot of info on Bad Lizard to be found on the net.  There is a Bad Lizard official website that has some info, here’s the link.  (Check out this unitard monstrosity on the home page!)

My Worthless Opinion: Power Of Destruction features speedy, fluid, Euro metal (power metal, if you please).  The production is quite nice, as all the instruments are well separated.  The twin guitar attack takes center stage on Power Of Destruction.  The playing is smooth and well-crafted, and is the highlight of the album.  The singer has a capable voice that doesn’t detract from the music, although I wouldn’t consider his voice world-class.  All ten tracks are solid rockers.  My particular favorites would have to be Black Hole and Deeds Of Darkness.  On whole, there is not too much variety on the album.  The album maintains a steady momentum, but doesn’t reach majestic heights.  Power Of Destruction is a solid, but not spectacular, album that engages the listener but may not inspire multiple playbacks.  My score: B


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