Breaker – “In Days Of Heavy Metal” (1982)

Breaker!  This particular “Breaker” of which I speak is the one from Canada (Calgary) and not the one from Ohio, or the one from Germany.  This four-track EP (released on 12” vinyl) is rarer than a three dollar bill!  If you want to own an original copy, be prepared to shell out some serious dough.  Or, like me, you can settle for a ripped CD copy, and may I suggest you do so because you’re probably going to enjoy this little nugget!

Breaker released In Days Of Heavy Metal independently in 1982 on Ironhead Records (IH 6982).  The pressing was quite small, hence the rareness.  (I remember reading something like 1000 copies or so, but don’t quote me on this.)  It was Breaker’s one and only release.

The five-piece Breaker recorded In Days Of Heavy Metal at Round Sound Studios in Ontario.  All four tracks were penned by Breaker guitarist “Shaky”.

In Days Of Heavy Metal was bootlegged for CD release in the ’90s.  It appeared as one part of a split CD for volume 11 of the Forgotten Metal Collector’s Series by “Revenge Of True Metal Records”.  (See a pic of the cover below.)

My Worthless Opinion:  Now this is something worthy of attention!  Though an indie release, the production on In Days Of Heavy Metal is more than adequate (the drums sound particularly potent).  Side one consists of three tracks; Living Free, Satan’s Lyre, and Easyrider.  Here, Breaker shows a lust for melody and an apparent NWOBHM influence.  Breaker seems to balance the accessibility of early Def Leppard with the dark touch of Angel Witch.  Vocalist Rik Anthony even sounds a bit like the guy from Angel Witch.  Side two consists of one long track (over ten minutes) called In Days Of Heavy Metal.  This track consists of three sections; I: His Majesty’s Entrance, II: Chivalry, and III: Knighthood.  This track is something special.  Here, Breaker came up with a pretty cool idea to make a song about chivalrous knights (as a metaphor for those loyal to heavy metal, perhaps?), and in so doing crafted an epic tune that matches the regal nature of the lyrics.  As the song concludes with a galloping flourish, I’m left extremely impressed by Breaker, especially because In Days Of Heavy Metal was released way back in 1982.  To me this is a classic example of why I continue to seek out lost heavy metal treasures from the ’80s.  There is a lifetime’s worth of music to sift through, and every once in a while I’ll uncover something that makes it all worthwhile.  Finding something like In Days Of Heavy Metal amongst the forgotten and cast aside is just one of many reasons that searching for old-school heavy metal albums never gets old.  My score: A




3 thoughts on “Breaker – “In Days Of Heavy Metal” (1982)

  1. Thanks for the great review. I was the drummer(Doug) . All of us in the band are now in communication with each other because of reviews like yours and YouTube We really appreciate what you have said. If you need other info please contact me at:

    Also to correct some of your above info—-Kevin Bradley(KB) wrote Satan’s Lyre and Shaky wrote the rest. The “Forgotten Metal” recording was a bootleg which we had nothing to do with. We only pressed 1000 copies so —ya they are rare.
    Anyways thanks for the support——–BREAKER

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