Black Fate – “Commander Of Fate” (1986)

Black Fate!  Is it just me, or is that skeleton on the album cover cross-eyed?  The one and only release from this German metal band was 1986’s Commander Of Fate.  The original vinyl LP was released independently via “Fate Records”, and is rarer than a third testicle.  Commander Of Fate was re-released on CD in 2002 by a German label, Karthago Records, but that CD is also pretty hard to find.  Rather than spend too much money tracking down a copy, I’ve settled for a CD-R ripped from the vinyl.  I wouldn’t mind seeing Commander Of Fate re-issued again (by Metal Mind Productions, perhaps?).  I’d like to get my grubby hands on a genuine product.

My Worthless Opinion:  This is a very solid offering of Euro-metal.  Commander Of Fate shares a certain fluidity and lust for melody that would put it into the same category as other mid-eighties German bands like Mad Max, or a more polished Brainfever.  Maybe even something Swedish?  The album is well-voiced courtesy of one Michael Hüttemann, who has a clean, adolescent voice.  One track, Champagne, seems to be sung by a different (much rougher) voice.  Either one of the other band members sings this one, or Michael Hüttemann uses a different vocal style (which would be impressive).  No matter, the song fits right in on an album full of winners.  The prototypical twin-guitar attack carves out a tasty slice of early power metal, with moderate speeds and an emphasis on “the song”.  The album closes very strongly.  The sincere Frozen Heart is a very effective ballad that changes over to a metal feast for the final ninety seconds.  Frozen Heart is followed by a short instrumental called Prelude.  Next is the album’s finale, Midnight; a mighty and melodic tour de force. The absolute highlight of the album.  (Note: The CD re-issue adds two fine bonus cuts.)  My score: B+


10 thoughts on “Black Fate – “Commander Of Fate” (1986)

  1. Nice review. Thanks. Since you seemed interested: I did the vocals on all songs, including “Champagne”. When performing live it used to be the last song of the set.
    Incidentally, “Midnight” also was my favorite track of the original album.

  2. “Black Fate! Is it just me, or is that skeleton on the album cover cross-eyed? The one and only release from this German metal band was 1986′s Commander Of Fate.”

    Yes, very crossed eye skeleton, just screams heavy metal. I will keep a eye out for this. Excellent artwork. To bad i never seen this in the record stores in 1986, I would of snag this up in micro-second.

    To bad CD were made 4 inches instead of 12 inches like vinyl, I am sure this artwork looks alot more killer in vinyl format.

    • The original vinyl was an one time issue of 1000 records and where sold only in Germany. You would have had quite a hard time even noticing the release stateside. Hell, back in ’86/87, even in Germany the record was mostly ignored. 🙂

      And, yeah, the artwork does look nice on the large gatefold cover. Well all liked it a lot. Without a record company we could chose the cover art as we wanted.

      • Yeah i think a re-release would be a great idea. I would purchase a copy in a heartbeat. I believe FNA records to be a reliable label for re-releases. Let me know if you would have any interest.
        You should look into this Michael. Great Album anyway.. would love to purchase a copy.. vinyl or cd!

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