Bezerker – “Lost” (1989)

Bezerker!  This one is pretty rare.  I sure as hell don’t own a copy (I have a ripped CD).  In fact, I had a hard time finding a decent pic of the cover on the net.  The best I could come up with is the small pic on the left.  I’ve never seen a copy in the flesh.

Lost was the only album by Australia’s Bezerker.  It was independently released by Extremely Fine Records (probably a private pressing by the band).  I’m really kind of surprised this album doesn’t get even a little recognition.  This is a pretty enjoyable late eighties technical thrash album.  The most distinguishing feature on Lost, for me, would be the clean vocals of Pat Cummins.  He had a bit of a Joey Belladonna thing going on.  You have to respect these clean-voiced guys who to “sing” over technical thrash.  This form of music doesn’t really lend itself to singing.  It’s just hard to put a melody over all these rhythmic discombobulations.  Cummins gives a yeoman’s effort, and at minimum, makes things interesting.  While some tracks on Lost, particularly towards the end of the album, don’t really coalesce into anything all that memorable, there are a few really good tracks to cherry pick.  The lead track Take All, as well as Halloween, are two really nasty cuts.  My personal favorite, though, would be something I consider to be no less than a thrashterpiece!  I’m talking about the amazing I Lost, which is frantic and schizoid (in a good way), and features a really great chorus.  One of my all-time favorite thrash songs.  Check it out!  My score: B


8 thoughts on “Bezerker – “Lost” (1989)

  1. My name is Keith James Stevens, and I was the bass guitarist with Bezerker from 1988 through to 1991 when the band split up. I still possess a limited number of remaining vinyl “Lost” LPs, including original first-off test-pressings, if anyone is interested.
    Bezerker was formed in Adelaide, South Australia, in 1988, and toured Australian capital
    cities regularly. After recording the full-length vinyl LP “Lost” in December 1989, and supporting Faith No More in 1990, Bezerker re-located to England and performed a number
    of dates in London and Liverpool. Bezerker played their last show on August 3rd, 1991, in
    Hampton Wick, London, and split due to paralysing chronic and acute financial poverty.

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