Xentrix – “Shattered Existence” (1989)

Xentrix debuted with 1989’s Shattered Existence.  The album was released by Roadrunner Records.  It appeared in Europe and on the Roadracer imprint, and in the United States on the RC imprint.

Xentrix were from the U.K., but their brand of thrash was similar to American bands like Testament and Metallica.  The tight, crisp production of Shattered Existence mirrors that of other late-eighties albums such as …And Justice For All or Forbidden’s Forbidden Evil.  Although the Metallica similarities may have seemed derivative at the time, these days (some twenty-plus years later) there is always a desire for albums that sound like classic-era Metallica.  Even if they are only half as good, I’ll take ’em.  And why not?  They ain’t exactly making ’em like that anymore.

Now, Master Of Puppets this ain’t, but Shattered Existence has its moments.  Album opener No Compromise is a ripping tune.  A statement is made from the start — these guys may be British but their thrash is pure Bay Area.  The second track, Balance Of Power is the album’s absolute highlight.  In tone and lyric, the song is the perfect chaser to Metallica’s crushing song …And Justice For AllBalance Of Power alone is worth the price of the album!  The rest of the record does not match up to the strength of the first two cuts, although it remains a perfectly listenable record.  Happily, the last two tracks, Position Of Security and Heaven Cent, are pretty decent — ending the album on the upswing.  My score: B



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