Blood Feast – “Kill For Pleasure” (1987)

Kill For Pleasure came out in 1987 on New Renaissance Records on LP (including black, blue and clear vinyl) and cassette (with bonus track Blood Lust).  A bit later New Renaissance released the CD version.  Furthermore, in 1989, Shark Records (of Germany) released the album on CD as a split with Kublai Khan’s Annihilation.  After being out of print for many years, a re-activated New Renaissance reissued Kill For Pleasure on CD in the late ’90s.  All three CD versions contain the bonus track Blood Lust.

Kill For Pleasure seems to be one of the more popular releases from the New Renaissance label.  It was one of their (relatively) better sellers.

My Worthless OpinionKill For Pleasure has raw but tolerable production that befits the underground intensity of these New Jersey maniacs.  The band actually financed the recording themselves, so you know it was recorded on the cheap.  Fuzzy guitars and undecipherable death-like vocals greet the listener at every turn.  Blood Feast sound pretty tight as they plow through an album’s worth of straightforward, not-too-technical thrash.  There’s absolutely no let up in the intensity and no space for the songs to breathe under the smothering weight of the heaviness.  Folks, this pony has but one trick.  For masochistic thrash fans only.  Or maybe those looking for their next “gore-gasm”?  My score: D


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