Hallows Eve – “Tales Of Terror” (1985)

Question #1:  Is it Hallows Eve or Hallow’s Eve (with the apostrophe)?  They pretty much use the two spellings interchangeably.  The cover clearly says Hallows Eve.  The cassette label says Hallow’s Eve.  The original LP back cover says “produced by – Hallow’s Eve”.  Pretty sure the official decision is Hallows Eve, though.  These things matter!

Question #2:  What is wrong with that guy on the album cover?  Clearly he has some dis-morphia with regards to his musculatory system.  I mean, look at his upper arms.  There’s an extra muscle there.  And those forearms are riDONKulous!  Gotta love these old-school, cheap-ass album covers!

Okay, down to business.  Atlanta thrash maniacs Hallows Eve debuted with the Tales Of Terror LP in 1985.  The album clocks in at just under a half hour.  It’s a quick bludgeon to the face, neck, chest and breast, and then POOF…  it’s over!  Tales Of Terror is an old-school neck-wrecker that puts a nostalgic black-toothed grin on my ugly mug.  I mean, this thing just reeks of all things 1985.  At the time, thrash/speed metal was starting to really blossom.  It was a time for discovery.  Tons of bands were coming forward but no one really knew what direction this new genre was going.  The vast majority of these albums sounded like glorified demos.  For some reason, that low-budget, raw sound was the norm.  Maybe it was by choice but more often it was a direct result of a lack of funds being thrown at the genre by the record labels.  Megadeth, Overkill, Abattoir, Bloodlust, Blessed Death and so on and so on…  these are just some of the bands that released LPs in 1985, and the albums they put out sound pretty damn crusty today.  In a short period of time, the cream of the genre rose to the top with more technical and well-produced albums.  1986 was the big year.  Metallica, Slayer and Megadeth brought thrash to a whole new level with HUGE albums, leaving the once promising underground ampheta-metal of 1985 frozen in cult status, where it probably belonged.

Tales Of Terror contains eight tracks of electro-violence played with reckless abandoned.  Vocalist Stacy Anderson growls, yelps and shouts his way through this horror show.  (To be fair, he also sings once in a while.)  I like the track There Are No Rules, where Anderson’s motor mouth goes at 100 mph, spewing out the lyrics and challenging the band to keep up.  This is a fun album that really exemplifies the spirit that some of these early thrashers had.  They really wanted nothing more than to play loud and fast and leave you wearing a neck-brace.  My score: B


8 thoughts on “Hallows Eve – “Tales Of Terror” (1985)

  1. I have the 1990 Metal Blade/ Restless Records version, released in the “Metal Classics” series.

    I remember the the first interview I read from this band. They stated their, influences were Voi Vod, Anthrax, and Iron Maiden.

    This is also a 8 out of 10 rating for me, back in 1985 I played “Tales of Terror” a lot, but nowadays, maybe once a month or so,…my nearest 9 out of 10 (classic/ masterpiece) in my H section in my collection. Is Halloween “Don’t Metal With Evil” something I play, always a few times a week, and sometimes ends up in my daily stack of CD’s.

  2. Yes, to your question

    Halloween “Dont Metal With Evil” released in 1985

    Has been pressed officially on CD twice.

    Motor City Metal records in association with Loud and Proud Music.
    Pressed in: 1998
    Cat # LNLMG 9803-2
    Barcode 6 49882 98032 3

    Motor City Metal in association with Pure Steel Records.
    German Import
    Pressed in 2010
    With 3 Bonus tracks. From a 1990 demo called “Vicious demo”
    Cat # PSRCD040
    EAN 4 260141 648882

    infos on the Pure steel pressing are


    Halloween is a wild mix between bands such as Motley Crue, Judas Priest mixed with the speed of a unknown band, I am just guessing Savage Grace. This band has a “X factor” I have never figured out yet. LA’s Savage Grace?…

    Halloween cited the similar influences as Motley Crue. Motley Crue Cited AC/ DC, Sweet, Led Zepplin, Alice Cooper and Kiss,

    Halloween Cited. Alice Cooper, Motley Crue, Kiss and Judas Priest

    Now with this in mind never forget Randy Rhodes, of Ozzy Osbourne fame, was a huge fan of Alice Cooper.

    There are 2 cool collectors editions of this title…

    Number 1# The 1984 demo version of the 1985 album with different artwork, (a photo shoot of the band)

    and the Reborn Classics 1992 CD bootleg of the album, contains the Lamour’s Rocks compilation track “Cum and Get it”. I can not remember if the Lamour Rocks compilation album, ever got pressed on to CD.

    The best way to obtain the Pure Steel Records edition, is to contact a store in Garden City, Michigan, called Rock of Ages.

  3. Halloween’s “Don’t Metal With Evil” was pressed officially on CD twice.

    First edition
    Motor City Metal in association with Loud and Local Music Group
    P & C 1985 and 1998
    Barcode 6 49882 98032 3
    NO bonus tracks. Back layout is superior to the 2ND edition.

    Second Edition
    Motor City Edition in association with Pure Steel Records Germany
    German Import
    P & C 1985 and 2010
    EAN 4 260141 648882
    3 bonus tracks from the 1990 “Vicious Demo”

    There are 2 collectors edition of “Don’t Metal with Evil. The 1984 demo
    of the 1985 album with different artwork a photo of the band. And the
    1992 Reborn Classics bootleg with the Lamour’s Rocks Compilation song
    on Mercenary Records. Called “Cum and Get it”

    Motley Crue cited influences of AC/ DC, Led Zepplin, Sweet, and Kiss
    Halloween cited influences of Alice Cooper, Motley Crue, Kiss and Judas

    I always considered this band a wild mix between Motley Crue, Judas
    Priest and Savage Grace, because there is a speed metal influence on
    the bands songwriting, and I am not really sure where it came from.
    Because only really Savage Grace was around back in 1983 and 1984. So I
    never got to know if the “X factor” of this band, was either Twisted
    Sister’s debut, The Savage Grace debut, or maybe even the first WASP
    debut. Something made guitarist Rick Craig inspired to play a little
    and harder and faster than his initial influences.

    Halloween contact info on the back of the Pure Steel CD.

    Myself I am hoping for a 3rd offical CD pressing with the video “Trick
    or Treat” made for THE BEAT TV heavy metal show for the Metro Detroit
    area, and also, including the bonus track “Cum and Get it”.

  4. ROCK OF AGES. 31015 FORD ROAD. GARDEN CITY, MICHIGAN. 48135-1808. (734) 522-4590.

    I recommend this place, if you call them, also ask if they have the Seduce “Seduce” 1985 CD in stock, also another 1980’s styled commercial heavy metal band with excellent songs. The Seduce CD is the 1985 Psycho-Mania Records release with 4 live tracks from 1984. I think Mingya Records did the “Seduce” CD re-edition.

    The Halloween back cataloge maybe out of stock, but keep checking, back every Tuesday. The Halloween ones sell pretty fast. But you might get lucky and get both birds with one stone.

    Rock of ages had the second Seduce “Too much ain’t enough” CD with the song “Crash Landing”, in stock awhile ago, but they sold fast, fast, fast.

  5. I read tons and tons of Halloween interviews trying to find the ” X ” factor to the bands sound.

    IT IS SEPTEMBER 1982’S …Twisted Sister “Under the Blade”. Which was repressed recently by Armory Records with the album and comes DVD.

    I am getting that, Armory edition of “Under the Blade” with my next pay-check, and wrapping my brain around … “Under the Blade”…I think I have listened to “You cant stop rock and Roll” 1983 & “Stay Hungry” 1984 a few hundred thousand times, each. Thank for the hot tip PMRC….got another filthy 50 bands for me to hunt down…ha ha !!!!!

    Review that Seduce “To much aint enough”

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