Le Griffe – “Breaking Strain” (1984)

Le Griffe!  Despite the dainty French name, what we have before us is a British band offering up a five-track mini-LP in the year of our lord, 1984.  Breaking Strain came out on Bullet Records, a short-lived U.K. label that was around from about ’83-’85.

Five tracks.  No stinkers.  Can’t complain about Breaking Strain.  These late-arriving NWOBHM guys churned out a healthy dose of juiced-up guitars and pounding drums.  The title cut is a fleet-footed rocker that makes copious use of dual guitar harmonies.  Breathe Deeply takes things in a hard rock direction — the album’s most mellow moment.  Silent Running conjures upon a mighty Maiden gallop.  You’re Killing Me was released as a single, though it maybe my least favorite cut of the lot.  The last track, Movin’ On rocks mightily — my pick of the litter.  My only gripe with Le Griffe would be that their vocalist, Chris Hatton, didn’t really have the voice to match the band’s crunch.  He sounds like a fine and upstanding English fellow.  Throw a little snarl into it buddy.  My score: B


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