Whitesnake – “Slide It In” (1984)

Every Whitesnake album was just another trip to the bone yard with good ol’ David Coverdale guiding the tour.  Slide It In was no different; it was a fresh round of dong songs from the horny, leather-faced Englishman.  Hedonistic song titles include Slide It In, Spit It Out, and Tweeze My Pubes.  (Okay, I made one of those up, but you get the idea.)

There are actually two distinct versions of Slide It In.  The original mix was released in the United Kingdom.  The U.S. version was remixed with a beefier sound.  Additionally, guitar mercenary John Sykes (ex-Tygers Of Pan Tang, ex-Thin Lizzy, and future Blue Murder) recorded additional guitar parts to replace some (or all?) of the guitar tracks recorded by Mick Moody on the original U.K. mix.  There were other differences, too, including track order.  Most seem to think the U.S. version is the better mix.  I own only the U.S. version and haven’t heard the U.K. version.  Why?  Because I’m a PATRIOT!

With Slide It In, Whitesnake bid adieu to their saloon-like rhythm and blues sound in favor of a harder, metallic edge (which was the more commercially viable trend of the day).  The album opens with three tracks that are absolute aces; Slide It In, Slow An’ Easy, and Love Ain’t No Stranger.  Incredible gems they be!  Even if the balance of the album consisted of Coverdale directing a series of farts into a microphone, I would still consider Slide It In an essential album thanks to these three MONSTER tunes.  Lucky for me, there are a few more high quality tracks to be found like Guilty Of Love and Give Me More Time.

The album cover is kind of cool, ain’t it?  Looks like that snake is about to go motorboatin’.  Seems odd they didn’t use an actual white snake though, doesn’t it?  Slide It In reached gold status in the United States in 1986, and eventually it reached double platinum (certified in 1992).  Many a fan picked up Slide It In in the wake of the smash success of Whitesnake’s self-titled album from 1987.  My score: A-


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