Warrior – “Fighting For The Earth” (1985)

In the ’80s there were many off-shoots of the heavy metal genre.  There was glam metal, hair metal, power metal, thrash metal, speed metal, and so on and so forth.  But, what about just plain ol’ heavy metal?  Ya know, straight-up-the-shit-shoot heavy fricken’ metal?  For that, I give you… WARRIOR!

Warrior was an American band that came out of the L.A. area.  Their debut release (and only release of the ’80s) was Fighting For The Earth (10 Records).  The album is well-produced with a bit of a glossy sheen.  The drums are high in the mix and the beats are pretty straightforward.  The drums were played by a man named Jimmy Volpe, who, incidentally, is now a woman.  Twin guitars are provided, and the singing is dramatic, with many high notes.  When I listen to Fighting For The Earth, my mind draws comparisons to other mid-eighties releases like Icon’s Icon (1984), Malice’s In The Beginning (1985), and Kick Axe’s Vices (1984).

The man at the microphone for Warrior was Parramore McCarty.  He gives a theatrical performance that approaches “over-the-top” territory many times, but he only goes completely over the edge into ridiculousness on the spoken word monstrosity PTM1.

Fighting For The Earth is a perfectly serviceable ’80s metal album that should appeal to fans of the aforementioned albums.  The opening track, Fighting For The Earth, gets my vote for best track.  I also like the album closer Welcome Aboard.  However, Fighting For The Earth is not an essential release in my opinion, as it lacks any truly amazing numbers.  Could I survive on only Fighting For The Earth for a few days?  Yeah, sure.  It’s an above average album, but maybe not one of the best “lost” metal albums of the ’80s as many claim.

One interesting aspect of Fighting For The Earth that bears mentioning is that the album is actually a kind of concept album.  The lyrics tell of an evil enemy that challenges mankind.  It is not distinctively clear what the enemy is.  But it seems some conspirators have a plan to bring evil to the Earth and most of the people are blind to what’s going on.  I can’t really figure out the exact “plot” but it seems like any number of episodes of The Twilight Zone or that old TV movie called V.  Side note: I watched the original V on cable last year… let me just say that piece of crap HAS NOT AGED WELL!

When the original LP was released in Canada, the cover included a tiny little “USA” printed above the Warrior logo.  The band was called “USA Warrior” in Canada, probably due to another band called “Warrior” owning rights to the name in that country.

Fighting For The Earth was issued on CD by Metal Blade Records in 1991.  My score: B


2 thoughts on “Warrior – “Fighting For The Earth” (1985)

  1. “…. It’s an above average album, but maybe not one of the best “lost” metal albums of the ’80s as many claim.”

    Yes I agree with this, but the part of me that likes Kick Axe “Vices” and the first Icon “Icon” record, can understand why this gets over rated. But at the same time, I have seen this tons and tons of times in the second hand store. So keep a look out for it, you will find it.

    Reality Entertainment was supposed to do a remaster version in 2008, and it never happened. And I was bummed out about that.

    Back in 1985. I used to play this alot between albums like Thrust ” Fist Held High ” and Raven “All for One” (even though those 2 bands are in a heavier style/ sub-genre). So for me, that increases the Warrior “Fighting of the Earth” nostalgia factor by 10 fold.

  2. I remember this album when a friend introduced this to all of us during our role-playing games. Just by itself, we enjoyed it, regardless of how ‘simple’ it was. Great music (or video games for that matter) are not decided by how ‘awsome’ some bit of playing is. Did you enjoy it or not? We did.
    It was the perfect music for the sci-fi genre we were in, since we were, literally, fighting for the earth against alien enemies that had bombed most of humanity to dust. Our role was infiltration and destruction, in that order. Great times were had while this music played, and my PC (player character in the game) used this music to inspire our freightened troops. Worked great.
    I’m glad I rediscovered it while searching through my old casette tapes. Brings back fond memories of good times with good friends, listening to good music.

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