Gravestone – “Victim Of Chains” (1984)

Odd cover.  Odd album title.  AWESOME tunes!

Gravestone was a German metal band that released five albums in their career (1979-1986).  Victim Of Chains was their third album (Scratch Records).  The album title is one of those awkward “English-as-a-second-language” phrasings that we’ve come to expect from these old German bands.  I find it endearing for some reason.

Straight up, Victim Of Chains smokes!  Tons of furious energy.  Dual guitars cut through the air like napalm; crunchy riffs galore and blazing solo trade-offs.  The bass and drums provide a solid backbone that explodes from the speakers (thanks in part to great production).  A singer by the name of Berti Majdan throws his all into his screechy, metal-up-yer-ass vocals.

Fans of heavy Scorpions and Accept should definitely enjoy this lesser known German band.  Gravestone were armed with all the same Teutonic artillery as their more famous countrymen.  Faves include The Hour, a lost nugget of anthemic glory if there ever was one, and the lean and mean Rock ‘N’ Roll Is Easy; a crisp, accessible headbanger.  The obligatory ballad So Sad is a little left of center (mostly due to the vocal delivery) but it starts to sink in with a few listens.  Death And Reality is a nasty jolt of sonic fury.  Pop this into the car stereo and press CRANK!  My score: A


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