Forbidden – “Forbidden Evil” (1988)

Got riffs?  Their cup runneth over.  With an arsenal of bone-crunching riffs, formidable technical chops, and quality leads, Forbidden’s guitar tandem of Glen Alvelais and Craig Locicero made an impressive showing on Forbidden Evil, the band’s debut (Combat Records).  Future Slayer drummer Paul Bostaph provided the drum heroics, and vocalist Russ Anderson was responsible for the diabolical (some may say “ear-raping”) vocals.  All in all, I find Forbidden Evil to be an enjoyable thrash album because the playing is tighter than dick-skin, the production is crisp, and a few (though not all) of the tracks just plain crush!

This album houses one of my favorite thrash songs ever, Forbidden Evil.  What a sinister track!  The opening riff is a wicked one, and the groin-rattling one that ensues at about 0:21 kicks the song into another gear!  Furthermore, Anderson’s villainous vocal performance (“Unbelievers hold evil!  Learn or burn!  Torment, hate and torture!  Your soul will burn!“) is a mean-spirited display of pure evil.  This is one nasty tune.  A thrashterpiece!  The opening number Chalice Of Blood is another favorite, and Off The Edge and Through Eyes Of Glass round out the very enjoyable side one of the album.  Side two maintains the intensity of side one, but does not measure up in terms of memorability.  Nevertheless, Forbidden Evil lives up to the quality standard one expects from Bay Area thrash.  (And the cover art is very cool, too!)  An evil record for evil times.  Get down with the sickness!  My score: B+


One thought on “Forbidden – “Forbidden Evil” (1988)

  1. “Got riffs? and a thrashterpiece”

    Released in 1988, man what a awesome record. This was one of the last albums in the classic Combat Records MX 8003 – 88561- 82** series. A couple albums after this.

    Combat started the 88561-2000 series. Not as stellar as the MX 8000 series.

    The MX series which started in 1983 and ended in 1986. and all the way through the 88561-82** series. Which ended in 1988 series. This is Combat Records labels golden era of vintage heavy metal. Circa, 1983 through 1988.

    What I really loved about the first wave of bay area thrash was that generations love for the first Satan “Court in the Act’ record and the first 3 Mercyful Fate releases. The 1982 Mini-lp, “Melissa” and “Don’t Break the Oath”.

    The Mercyful Fate influence is not that prominent on the debut, but it was stamped more than obvious on the follow-up “Twisted Into Form”.

    The debut I have “Forbidden Evil” rated as A+ and the follow up “Twisted into Form” I have rated as B+/ A- .. which is funny because I always reach for for “Twisted into Form” 3 to 1 over this, but when this was released in 1988, man this never left my turn table, cassette player or CD player.

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