Black Sabbath – “Mob Rules” (1981)

Pull up a chair to the table round for a second helping of Dio-era Sabbath.  Do tell us what dangers lurk around the corner, Ronnie.  Dio, wizard sleeves dancing in the moonlight, was at the helm once again for another sacrilegious Sabbath feast much like 1980’s Heaven And Hell.  Sabbath had a winning formula with Heaven And Hell and chose (wisely?) to not stray from it even the slightest with Mob Rules.  Pick your poison, as the two albums are closely matched in terms of quality.  Personally, I give the nod to Mob Rules.  I really love the massive meat-plow riff that opens Voodoo.  (Compare that riff to the one Jerry Cantrell used on Alice In Chains’ Died.)  The Mob Rules is a great song, featuring Ronnie James at his most poisonous; a harbinger of doom, singing through clenched teeth, index finger wagging back and forth casting warnings… the embodiment of heavy metal cliché.  (In 1981, Dio’s lyrics seemed somewhat fresh.  He would return to the well countless times thereafter.)  Even in his attempted love song, Country Girl, he sounds like he’s party to a crucifixion.  The man could not help but sound evil.  (Rest in peace Ronnie James Dio, to honor you I promise that I will NOT listen to fools.)  Note: Find the devil’s face on the cover.  My score: A-


3 thoughts on “Black Sabbath – “Mob Rules” (1981)

  1. Awesome album…My favorite Black Sabbath album. This is a CD that always gets daily or weekly rotation on my CD player.

    This is a CD I have to replace once a year, or every two years. Because of constant playing. The CD’s I play once in a while I buy only on copy, but something like this. I collect every 1st pressing from all over the world.

    Since I do not use CD-r’s ever. I always have “beater” copies of my favorite CD’s. And this one comes to mind right away. If you do not have this on CD. Buy 2 copies right away. The Warner Bros. 1st edition sits right next to the Rhino Records deluxe edition barcode starts 8122- done a couple of years ago.

    On CD I have
    Warner Bros. Canada
    Warner Bros. USA pressing
    Vertigo/Polygram German Edition

    This for sure is on my top 200 favorite/ most listened to CD, in my collection. Everything about “Mob Rules” is just pure metallic perfection.

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