Cirith Ungol – “Frost And Fire” (1981)

This was an indie release (Liquid Flames Records).  Frost And Fire sounds like a weird throwback record.  But it is as if it is a throwback to some odd time and space that never really happened… to some primitive heavy metal style that existed in an alternate universe, one in which Led Zeppelin never formed.  Hard to describe the Frost And Fire sound.  A bit stoner-ish I guess… attempts to be heavy, and even attempts to be somewhat commercial.  An odd record indeed, one destined forever to reside in heavy metal’s foggy netherworld — a testimony to the chemical haze the band surely were under at the time of its birth.  Enough cult interest led to Metal Blade Records rescuing Frost And Fire from the compost heap and issuing it on CD years later in ’99.  Crusty stuff.  It’s a strange trip down a long, lonesome road.  Going by the band’s name and the cover art, you would expect Bilbo Baggins and cod-piece heroics, but it’s really more of a rusty blades and greasy chains type o’ deal.  Frost And Fire is a listenable record, but not necessarily the first one I would grab on my way out of a burning building.  My score: C+

Note: Check out pics of the original Liquid Flames Records LP here.


One thought on “Cirith Ungol – “Frost And Fire” (1981)

  1. I always liked this band and there first 2 LP’s. I rate them higher than most people, I rate this title and “King of the Dead” and my ” favorite ” top 200 Metal recording off all-times. Because this is the album I throw in between Ratt’s “Out of the Cellar” and Anthrax’s “Fistful of Metal”.

    I love when I am talking casually to people in the record stores, and I bring up Ratt, Cirith Ungol and Anthrax in the same breath.

    I am not sure if the eye brows are raised over the Ratt, Cirith Ungol or Anthrax… but it does not matter to me, because if music opposites are polarizing to music fans. THEN…to me. THIS is the 3rd side of heavy metals “head space”, between hard rock/ heavy metal hybrid bands and HARDCORE punk rock/ heavy metal hybrid bands.

    This title has been pressed twice as a 2 for 1 on CD…containing,the first 2 Cirith Ungol; albums on 1 disc. The first time by “Reborn Classics” “label”…aka bootleg, and then again by OneWay Records out of Canada.

    As far as the going to “get this out burning house”. The first 2 Cirith Ungol’s are in my “rebuild” from scratch, collection. It is a military footlocker, with my favorite top 200 albums of all-time, contained inside. In the event of something bad happening to my house, and personal effects.

    Look at every CD you own, and notice the ones with the most scratches, and those are the favorites, the ones with the least scratches are the “guilty pleasure” ones.

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