Foghat – “Tight Shoes” (1980)

Here’s one from my ol’ cassette collection…

Flash back to a few weeks ago… I really have no idea where and when I got this tape.  I had never listened to it before.  I’m pulling it out now for the first time to give it a try.  I have always associated Foghat with the 1970s (of course), with visions of shaggy-haired dope smokers listening to Slow Ride and engaging in some back-of-the-van sex.  Why not see what Foghat was up to at the turn of the decade?

Fast forward to today… Okay, so this isn’t hard rock.  Tight Shoes is not the heavy blues/boogie rock album I would expect from Foghat.  What we have here is a change in the Foghat sound to a pulsing, mainstream pop-rock.  All quite “danceable” as a matter of fact.  That is not to say this is a bad album (though I’m sure Foghat fans loathed the change in direction).  Actually, I really enjoy Tight Shoes.  The songs have kind of a 1980s movie montage quality that would give Kenny Loggins a run for his money.  (Side note: Have you seen Kenny Loggins’ face lately?  His surgically altered mug will scare the sh*t out of you!)  I could easily see Tight Shoes tracks like Stranger In My Hometown and Loose Ends being used to great effect in Caddyshack or Footloose.  Quality all around.  Faves include the aforementioned pair, as well as Full Time Lover and Baby Can I Change Your Mind.  Once again, NOT hard rock.  My score: B+


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