Crossfire – “See You In Hell” (1984)

Belgian mustache metal for your listening enjoyment.  (All five members of Crossfire adorned their upper-lip with bitchin’  ‘staches.  Check ’em out here.)  Crossfire were one of the pride and joys of Alfie Falkenbach’s Mausoleum Records label (along with the likes of Wildfire and Faithful Breath).  Mausoleum churned out an astonishing number of metal records during their original run from 1983-1986.  See You In Hell was Crossfire’s debut.  The LP offers up eight cuts of traditional metal (with a peppering of speed).  The guy at the mic had a real Krokus throat, and indeed that band’s Headhunter LP comes to mind from time to time while listening to this album.  Judas Priest, too.  For example, Killing A Cop blatantly jacks the main riff from Priest’s Heading Out To The Highway.  None of the tracks on See You In Hell rise to “holy sh*t!” levels, but there are some solid moments.  Lover’s Game and Starchild are decent cuts.  Then there’s Demon Of Evil, which opens up with a pretty cool riff, but then inexplicably the song changes gear entirely and turns into a run-of-the-mill speedster (and the riff is discarded entirely).  Is this album derivative?  Yes.  But is it shabby?  Not too.  My score: B-


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