Trance – “Power Infusion” (1983)

Trance!  As far as I am concerned, there is no justice in a world where Trance is not a famous heavy metal band.  Trance’s Power Infusion album embodies all that I love about ’80s metal, and is exactly the kind of lost metal album to which this website is dedicated.  Power Infusion was Trance’s second LP (Rockport Records).  This German metal band featured the shrieking vocals of Lothar Antoni poured over sizzling guitars, rock-steady bass lines, and pounding drums.  I liken Trance to another German fave of mine, Gravestone.  Both packing a lean crunch, head banging grooves, and a pure metal conviction.  Intensity is the key, and Antoni’s emotive voice and genuine lyrics show a true, heartfelt passion for music.  It’s as if Trance needed to play heavy metal.  I guess the cover says it all, doesn’t it?  An arm plugged directly into a Marshall stack.  Metal as sustenance.  Is there any other way to live?  That’s the kind of attitude Antoni and Trance convey on Power Infusion.  Highlights include the rousing album opener Heavy Metal Queen, the exquisite Rockstar, and the soaring Burn Your Lies.  My score: A


One thought on “Trance – “Power Infusion” (1983)

  1. There is a 1994 CD version of this from Rockport records…..It has the same exact, back layout as the original LP.

    Awesome metal from Trance !!!!!

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