Sinner – “Fast Decision” (1983)

To date, the German metal band Sinner has released something like sixteen full-length LPs.  The constant of the band has always been singer/bassist Mat Sinner (just a hunch… not his real name).  Fast Decision was Sinner’s second album (Scratch Records).  The sound here is kind of a laid back hard rock/metal.  All very much riff based and spatial.  Sometimes approaching Scorpions-like levels of heaviness, but rarely going into Accept territory (my comparisons here are both German… for no real reason other than to impress you).  Simple stuff, which isn’t always a bad thing.  However, when double kick drums are used on Crazy, it seems a bit precocious and arbitrary, as these tidy rockers don’t really warrant double bass use.  Two guitar harmonies are used to nice effect throughout the album, calling to mind Thin Lizzy (okay, now I’m off the German comparison thing).  Rhythm guitars, however, sit politely in the back seat of the mix for that dreaded less-than-heavy sound.  All the while, Mat Sinner doesn’t exhibit any particular urgency to rock hard on the mic.  Nevertheless, Fast Decision is harmless and adequately catchy.  Reminds me of old Kiss, or Judas Priest on sleeping pills.  Fast Decision does get better with repeated listens, but falls far shy of essential (IMO).  One shouldn’t feel overly compelled to call Fast Decision to action, unless, of course, one is reviewing it for an ’80s metal website!  My score: B-


3 thoughts on “Sinner – “Fast Decision” (1983)

  1. There is a CD bootleg of Sinner “Fast Decision”, and it is a real good one, because I can not tell why it made the bootleg list over at metal treasures webzine. Most bootlegs are more than obvious but this is one of the best I have seen.

    I would love to see the Noise records- era of the band between when the label first started up in 1983- 1986. Basically alot of the first 40 Noises titles did not get the CD treatment by Noise/ Combat, Noise/ SPV, and Noise/ BMG that I am aware of. Sinner had a few releases, in that time frame, Noise Cat #1 – 40.

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