Tytan – “Rough Justice” (1985)

Tytan!  What we have here is a NWOBHM leftover, reheated for consumption some two years or so after it was recorded.  Rough Justice was due for release in 1983, on the Kamaflage Records label.  But Kamaflage sh*t the bed and went under.  The album was not released in time.  Metal Masters Records threw the world a bone in 1985 and finally released Rough Justice, a twelve-song album of accessible British hard rock/metal.  By that time Tytan was (sadly) no more, as was the NWOBHM, and Rough Justice was relegated to NWOBHM foot note status.

Rough Justice features a couple of notable contributors; Kevin Riddles (ex-Angel Witch) on bass, and Kal Swan on vocals.  Swan later went on to form the band Lion, which released a couple of overlooked “hair” metal albums in the ’80s, as well as record the super-awesome Transformers Theme for 1986’s The Transformers: The Movie.  Kal Swan was a good singer, with a real touch of aristocracy in his voice.

As I mentioned, Rough Justice contains twelve tracks, eight of which I really enjoy.  I think the album could do without Rude Awakening (a lumbering, cliché addled tune that feels out-of-place on this record), the ordinary Ballad Of Edward Case and Far Cry, and finally Sadman, which features vocals from what I can only assume is a castrated elf (is that Kal Swan singing with his nuts in a vise?).  Take out those four songs and Rough Justice does some serious damage.  Faves include the AOR-ish Women On The Frontline (guest vocals from the Rock Goddess chick, sounding like Rush’s Geddy Lee), the balls-out titty smacker Cold Bitch, and the sublime album finale Far Side Of Destiny.  A nice mix of styles, strong performances, and catchy tunage make Rough Justice a desirable addition to the NWOBHM record collection.  Released on CD (Majestic Rock Records) in 2004.  My score: B+


One thought on “Tytan – “Rough Justice” (1985)

  1. Just thought I’d drop this down to you for info:

    I saw Tytan performing live the other week in the UK. The line-up still has Kevin Riddles on bass. They apparantly got going again a few years ago. And you are right, they do have sone catchy tuneage 🙂


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