Blackout – “Evil Game” (1984)

Here’s a decent find if you are on the lookout for a rusty piece of scrap metal.  Evil Game was the lone release by Holland’s Blackout (Roadrunner Records).  That’s right, Blackout was a Dutch band.  Sure, their shoes were probably made of wood, but damn-it, their hearts were made of METAL! 

Okay, so Evil Game is a pretty tasty mix of tunes.  Actually, much better than tasty.  Borderline scrumptious!  Blackout showed a fair amount of breadth with this LP, tackling a few different styles and velocities, and doing all of them with competence.  Anyone familiar with the early Dutch metal band Picture will find some similarities here.  Check out the title track, then compare it with Picture’s The Blade from Eternal Dark (1983).  A couple other tracks remind me of Picture as well.  Elsewhere, I get a real whiff of Motorhead and/or Tank, as gritty biker swills like Black Out and the profanity-laced Doctor’s Nightmare send off flashes of Lemmy’s warts and Tank’s filthy boogie.  My personal favorites are Demon Eye Women (a very catchy verse on this one), and Victim Of The Night.  Anyone looking for a little blood, guts ‘n beer would do well to check out Evil Game.  Re-released on CD in 2009 by the folks at Metal Mind Productions.  About time!  My score: B+ 


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