Tyrant – “Fight For Your Life” (1985)

Mmmmm, gotta love that smokin’ hot mix from good ol’ Scratch Records!  Traditional metal from Germany!  Tyrant’s Fight For Your Life opens with a stirring intro called Dark Eyes Of London, which leads into the searing riffery and pounding drums that begins Up The Hammer.  Immediately, I am on board.  Then, the vocals of “Kerrmit” come in for the first time.  Houston, we have a problem.  Though Kerrmit shares a name (different spelling) with this famous muppet, he actually sounds like THIS famous muppet.  Or better yet, me when I am trying to pass a particularly hard, somewhat nutty, stool.  Anyway, Kerrmit has one of those love ’em or hate ’em voices.  For me, I tend to lean a little south on that one.  No matter, blood and thunder Teutonic maelstroms like Up The Hammer, Metal Rules, and We Will Rock satiate my metal jones like old-school Gravestone or Trance.  Listening to Kerrmit’s one-dimensional vocal “talents” over the course of an entire album can be a little much, but a little bit of Tyrant here and there warms the gut like a shot of Jack.  Love that mighty drum sound, and hearing the bass high up in the mix, too.  (Like I said, Scratch Records ruled!)  Okay, I’m grinning like an idiot.  My score:


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