Exciter – “Violence & Force” (1984)

Nice cover!  No, seriously, it sucks.

Violence & Force was the second album by these Canadian speed baggers.  Compared to much of the speed/thrash stuff that came out in the early years for the genre, Violence & Force is still pretty listenable.  The production is decent and the velocities change up enough to counter ear fatigue.  That’s not to say that this kind of bloodshot ampheti-metal should be called to action during a hangover.  Nay, Exciter features fairly screechy vocals and somewhat abrasive guitar tones.  Not recommended to remedy a headache.  Perfect if you’re looking for a shot of adrenaline on a Monday morning, or if you ever wondered what it feels like to have a machete lodged in your corpus callosum.  Personal fave for me is anthemic Pounding Metal (not even a “speed” number).  Throw Pounding Metal and Anvil’s Metal On Metal together, and you’ve got yourself quite the hot Canadian metal stew.  My score: B- 


14 thoughts on “Exciter – “Violence & Force” (1984)

  1. Originally they wanted to call this there 2nd album “Pounding Metal”, instead with with Violence and Force, with the cover motif with the knife, again.. just like the debut album “Heavy Metal Maniac”.

    Since this is one of my favorite top 150 to top 200 albums of all time. I have this on CD in various pressings. all which suck beyond belief.

    When the CD age editon of this album came out. It was done by Caroline Records, and to put it on CD they had to omit a song from this album and a song from “Heavy Metal Maniac”.

    And when Caroline handed of the masters to other companies they handed off the CD version master tapes, so every CD repress after the Caroline has a song missing. So the CD pressings are.

    Double Play Classic (Heavy Metal Maniac + Violence and Force) — Caroline 1989.

    Globus Records Czechoslovakia– 1991

    Steamhammer Records–1997

    Megaforce/ Alternative Distribution Alliance- 2005… JEFF WATERS REMASTER

    The actual best way to get this is the first cassette on Megaforce/ Important or the Caroline Double Play Classic on Cassette, because all the songs are there, unlike the CD edition.

    Out of all the CD’s editions, I like the Jeff Waters remaster edition the best !!!!!!!

  2. I went through my Exciter collection, and the Globus editon was pressed from the original masters,/DAT, and has the song Evil Sinner missing from the first CD edition, and later edtions.
    But the Globus back layout and CD booklet sucks beyond all belief.

    For the Jeff Waters Remaster editions, Evil Sinner is added to Heavy Metal Maniac.

    Heavy Metal Maniac, the best CD edition is the RoadrunneR/ Sharpnel- Pricekillers edition, but the booklet sucks, where as the Jeff Waters Remaster version from 2005, the booklet is totally awesome/ stellar/ mind-blowing/kick ass !!!!!!!!!

  3. the roadracer/pricekiller is a repulsive vinyl transfer from ( i think) a semidestroyed LP,with an heavy load of clicks,pops and some strange sound interference (the master for the carolina press is the same).Evil sinner from 2005 remaster is a vynil transfer (listen the noises) and is prematurely faded out than original version and was later added (in the same audio Q) on brazilian reissue of V&F.The 2005 Heavy Metal Maniac reissue sucks for many reasons:another vynil rip with too much disturbing noises;Iron Dogs ends prematurely faded out and lose some music note (in the middle of the song lose a drum hit between the slow and fast part);Mistress Of Evil end with the same final part of Rising Of The Dead!!!!!! and Blackwitch lose all his intro!!!!!last but not the least,i’m sure that the source of the recording (initially a vynil as you can listen)cames from an mp3 download.So,ultimately,all 2005 remasters sucks very much :V&F is the same exact mix from 1999 SPV edition,LLTL is taken from the 1996 bootleg cd (that was a good vynil rip) ,UTW is a repulsive vynil rip from another halfdestroyed LP and the EXCITER OTT is useless.Interesting the remaster of BETTER LIVE THAN DEAD ’cause includes the rare studio version of BORN TO KILL,and the brazilian Remaster ’cause all includes lyrics to album songs(not for the extras) and ’cause LLTL and UTW carry on 2 interesting extra track :LLTL with DEATH REVENGE (with an excellent sound quality) and UTW with RIDERS FROM DARKNESS

  4. you’re welcome 😉 i’ve forgot to say,for a best money investment for V&F;LLTL and UTW i recommend the GLOBUS INTERNATIONAL cd editions,hard to find but they’re the best versions in the market;or very very hard to find,the 1996 bootleg editions:HEAVY METAL MANIAC is probably a vynil/taped transfer but in very good quality (better than Roadracer or 2005 remaster)with WORLD WAR III as bonus with the intro little edited;Violence&Force sounds exactly as Globus cd but includes DEATH REVENGE as closing track;LONG LIVE THE LOUD includes the FEEL THE KNIFE EP and UNVEILING THE Wicked is the same source from Globus (but no extra).The only flaw of all,is that doesn’t exist a good official edition of HEAVY METAL MANIAC,but..if u look trough the net…an excellent vynil transfers exists…… See you,regards from W’sB

  5. i don’t know if i can,but for HMM the excllent link is this 😉 ed2k://|file|Exciter%201983%20Heavy%20Metal%20Maniac%20[Shrapnel%20Records%201004%20NEW%20RIP][EAC%20FLAC][W’sB%20Release].rar|337691407|CACC14E6A75BCBF38A91E008463D455D|h=3Q6ORD55C6TPQLDXQT7XUWJKJGKASYW4|/

    • previous link was incomplete ed2k://|file|Exciter%201983%20Heavy%20Metal%20Maniac%20[Shrapnel%20Records%201004%20NEW%20RIP][EAC%20FLAC][W’sB%20Release].rar|337691407|CACC14E6A75BCBF38A91E008463D455D|h=3Q6ORD55C6TPQLDXQT7XUWJKJGKASYW4|/

      • ed2k://|file|Exciter%201983%20Heavy%20Metal%20Maniac%20[Shrapnel%20Records%201004%20NEW%20RIP][EAC%20FLAC][W’sB%20Release].rar|337691407|CACC14E6A75BCBF38A91E008463D455D|h=3Q6ORD55C6TPQLDXQT7XUWJKJGKASYW4|/ i don’t understand ,no i retry

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