Thrust – “Fist Held High” (1984)

Thrust was one of those “one-and-done” bands on the Metal Blade roster.  That is, Thrust only released one album in their career and then disappeared into oblivion.  But, honestly, one Thrust album in your collection is probably all you’ll ever need.  Thrust made their point quite clear with Fist Held High; they came to dish out no-bullshit heavy metal and nothing more.  Thrust were one of those bands that I could see pounding beer after beer, crushing the empties on their foreheads, and then taking to the streets to annihilate posers where they sleep.  Heavy sack beatings for all!  This Chi-town band were destined for no greater than cult status from the get-go, intended solely for the metal brotherhood (and everyone else can go f*ck themselves!).  The dude at the mic sounded almost exactly like the guy from Cirith Ungol.  Melodic?  Not very.  But in small doses, I get a kick out of Fist Held High.  Song titles include Thrasher, Posers Must Die!, and Metallic Attack.  I think you get the picture.  Sure to bring a smile to your face if you are currently wearing sleeveless denim.  My score: C+


2 thoughts on “Thrust – “Fist Held High” (1984)

  1. The CD reissuse was done by Maximum Metal records…Cat # MM-1004. Which is kind of cool because, it adds bonus tracks from the 1982 release Rock for Poland.

    “The guy at the mic sounded almost exactly from the guy from Cirith Ungol”…cool observation

    I am a huge Cirith Ungol fan, alongside the first 7 Manowar releases. This is the stuff, I take very serious…he he !!!! Alongside Mercyful Fate from the demo era alll they way to the reuinon album from 1993.

    Besides MetallicA’s logo from 1983-1993, and Diamond Head’s logo on “Living on Borrowed Time” for the 1982 album….And Satan’s “Court in the act” This Thrust logo is pretty cool.

    The best logo ever is the angel one, where it looks the same upside down as rightside up !!!!!!

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