Kings Of The Sun – “Kings Of The Sun” (1988)

Bow to the Kings!  This Australian band was led by two brothers, Jeffrey Hoad (vocals and guitar) and Clifford Hoad (drums).  The sound was fun, energetic, “rootsy” hard rock.  Kings Of The Sun debuted in 1988 with this self-titled album.  It appeared on Mushroom Records in Australia and RCA Records in the United States.

Let me just say that this is a truly great album!  I originally had this on cassette, and it was a mainstay in the tape deck of my ol’ Ford Escort for many years.  Summer time was a particularly perfect time to listen to this little chestnut.  Expert production from Eddie Kramer helped to propel these bright and ultra-catchy rockers through the car stereo speakersNearly every song would have made for a worthwhile single (in a perfect world).  No filler here.  Get on the highway and press play!  Simple song structures and palatable riffs abound.  Clifford Hoad opens a can of kick-ass on the drum kit.  An absolute beast!  As a vocalist, Jeffrey Hoad delivers his quirky lyrics with a bad-ass charm.  Favorites include the swampy Serpentine, as well as tidy rockers Tom Boy and Black Leather.  Let’s not forget the cool ballad Cry 4 Love.  The CD version of Kings Of The Sun added a great bonus track called Wildcat that was not included on my ol’ cassette version.  Ear candy.  My score: A  


6 thoughts on “Kings Of The Sun – “Kings Of The Sun” (1988)

  1. I’ve never heard this album but still have their second album on cassette and pull it and jam to it from time to time. Really loved these guys back then especially Clifford Hoad’s over the top drumming. Where did you find these guys on cd? Nice post dude!

  2. I used to have this album “kings of the sun” anyone know where to find or get it?? Would love to have it again!! Please help.

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