Stormwitch – “Walpurgis Night” (1984)

Stormwitch!  Walpurgis Night was this German band’s debut (Scratch Records).  While many of the mid-eighties German metal bands were more aligned with the “teutonic metal” sound associated with the band Accept, Stormwitch seemed to lean more heavily on NWOBHM influences.  Iron Maiden’s first two records come to mind.  The production job on Walpurgis Night was average, not the iron-forged mix I would expect from a Scratch Records product (see Gravestone and Tyrant for that prime Scratch sound).  Nevertheless, I do love what Stormwitch was dishing out; old-school metal with lyrics about pirates, werewolves, and Satan.  These themes may have seemed somewhat controversial in the mid-eighties, but now they seem down right cute in comparison to the stuff out there in pop music today!  What was everybody so afraid of in the ’80s?  Stormwitch’s tales of spitting on crucifixes and evil witches have a kind of “Happy Halloween” quality these days.  Harmless, campy stuff.  Besides the cool “tales from the crypt” style lyrics, the songs on Walpurgis Night are really fun and catchy.  Nice guitar chunks mixed into the boiling cauldron.  Warlord is a real gem.  Probably the shiniest jewel on this crown of thorns.  All in all, just a cool album.  My score: B+


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