Thor – “Only The Strong” (1985)

On the great track Let The Blood Run Red, Thor’s Jon Mikl Thor exclaims “How can I tell you (that) I’m better than you?”.  And it seems there were countless ways in which Jon Mikl Thor was indeed better than you.  Besides fronting the heavy metal band Thor, Jon Mikl was also a bodybuilder, sometimes actor, and all around magnificent son of a bitch.  Jon Mikl Thor performed feats of strength on a nightly basis as part of his live act.  Blowing up hot water bottles and bending iron bars with his teeth were two of Jon Mikl Thor’s go-to crowd pleasers.

Yeah, Thor was silly as sh*t.  Jon Mikl Thor dressed the part of a mythological warrior, and delivered his “chest metal” lyrics with tongue firmly in cheek (I hope).  But Thor wasn’t a parody act like fellow Canadians Piledriver (a band with a style similar to Thor).  Nay, Thor played honest to goodness metal — sure to bring a smile to your toothless mug, and send you speeding off to Valhalla in a flaming chariot of fury!

Only The Strong is the best known album of Thor’s long career.  A low-budget affair, but a fine hunk of mid-eighties scrap metal.  Eleven tracks comprise Only The Strong, and only two duds among them (Now Comes The Storm and Hot Flames).  As I mentioned above, the absolute highlight of the album has to be Let The Blood Run Red.  Great lyric: “Let the blood run red, let them all be dead, all those who oppose the METAL AVENGER!”.  Yeah.  It’s that kind of album.  Comic book fantasy meets steroid-induced rage.  Step aside, all ye mortals.  Lest ye be tea-bagged in the name of METAL!  My score: B+


4 thoughts on “Thor – “Only The Strong” (1985)

  1. Does anyone know if Enigma pressed this on CD?

    I would love to add the CD version of this to my collection.

  2. Thanks for the link….I like how Unisound treated this title… looks pretty close to the original.

    This style of music is very popular in Greece (Cirith Ungol, Manilla Road, Savage Grace, Jag Panzer, Omen, Manowar, Virgin Steel)…so this would be pretty easy to find.

    Enigma did a excellent job with this. Red Vinyl looks very METAL all the way.

    Important Records did a red vinyl for Witch “The Hex is on” for Witch’s OTT records.

    As far as the singer image is concerned very metal in the vein of…Eric Adams of Manowar and Ron Galleti of Nasty Savage. And more recently Chris Jericho of Fozzy.

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