Breathless – “Breathless” (1985)

Breathless!  What?  You’ve never heard of ’em?  Well, there’s not much I can really tell you about this obscure Belgian band.  They gave us one album and that was it.  It was called Breathless, and it was released in 1985.  The catalog number was Gigametal/Troglodyte 1.  I’m guessing this was a band-released private pressing.  Finding an authentic copy of the vinyl probably ain’t going to happen, so you’ll need to look for alternative ways (cough… file sharingcough…) to hear this old relic.

Breathless featured a hodge-podge of metal styles dropped into a blender and mixed into a frothy brain shake.  Keep your head on a swivel, because Breathless will knock you off-balance with its excitable batch of tunes.  Breathless is oft-speedy, but there are plenty of style and tempo changes to keep you on edge.  The boys threw a lot of stuff at the wall, and most of it stuck.  Sure, there was the King Diamond-like ridiculousness of Pascal Remans’ high falsetto, which was over-used at times.  The title track, for example, will require a fistful of Advil to relieve the throbbing headache induced.  Yet, Breathless (the band) fights hard to get you fired up, whether it be the body blows of the mid-paced Lost Tales Of Reality, or the roundhouse kick to the skull that is The Night Crusader.  The album sprays an acidic discharge at your person, not unlike, say, Oz on their Fire In The Brain album.  Strange comparison?  Maybe, I don’t know.  As the Breathless album closes with the classical-tinged acoustic instrumental Reno, I realize I’m not exactly sure of what the hell I just listened to, but I think it kind of kicked my ass.  My score: B


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