TNT – “Knights Of The New Thunder” (1984)

TNT!  Knights Of The New Thunder was this Norwegian band’s second album (and first in the English language).  American singer Tony Harnell (credited as Tony Hansen) was brought aboard the Viking ship for this second voyage.  His illuminating talent, as well as the guitar pyrotechnics of the excellent Ronni Le Tekro help to propel this TNT album into a highly enjoyable mid-eighties metal record.  The glossy production and magnificent attention to sonic detail (particularly the vocal layering) make Knights Of The New Thunder sound like something out of 1989, so it is quite impressive to hear this quality on a 1984 release. 

As mentioned above, Tony Harnell’s vocals shine bright on this album.  If you enjoy metal singers who operate in a high register, then you will probably agree that Tony was one of the best in the biz.  His bulletproof highs were achieved with such apparent ease that you have to tip your cap to the man’s prowess.  All the while, Ronni Le Tekro blazes away with a razor-sharp style that calls to mind the likes of Rhoads, Malmsteen, or Akira Takasaki (from Loudness).  Most of the album’s highlights (IMO) come at the beginning of the record.  Album opener Seven Seas starts things strong with mid-paced power.  Ready To Leave provides the album’s best hook.  The cheesy ballad Without Your Love is so syrupy that even Aunt Jemima would say “Child, please!”.  That being said, I f*cking love this song!  The second half of the album suffers from so-so hooks, but Harnell and Le Tekro provide enough fireworks to keep the listener locked-in.  The original Norwegian issue of Knights Of The New Thunder had the cover art shown above.  Many other countries (including the U.S.) were issued this different, sans titties, version.  My score: B+


One thought on “TNT – “Knights Of The New Thunder” (1984)

  1. Last year, Polygram records repressed the first 3 TNT albums, on CD again. My matrix’s have the Universal globe logo, instead of the original PDO matrix. But it does not matter, if one did not get this on CD after the vinyl era of heavy metal. You still can get this title on CD brand new, in mint condition, for a good price, as long as one does not have a hangup about ifpi codes on the matrix.

    I am glad I got this on CD last year, I play it alot alongside the first 2 Dokken CD’s. Both bands have alot in common, excellent vocalist, and guitar wizards, who conjure up music (riffs/ licks/ solos) that sticks in your brain all-day long.

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