Stormwind – “Taken By Storm” (1984)

Here’s another steaming hot pile of awesome from the atomic dustbin of lost ’80s metal!  Stormwind’s Taken By Storm (Wishbone Records) was one of those lean ‘n crunchy sounding German bands delivering in the style of Accept.  This collection of caustic Teutonia features dual guitars that deliver deadly strike after strike, while the lozenge-needing throat of Klaus Lemm pours hot acid down your pants with an ungodly performance of fire and fury.  One could liken Lemm’s voice to Udo from Accept, although I think Lemm was actually better (he was less wheezy and garbled than Udo).  Lemm is probably one of my favorite singers in this (mostly German) category of screamers (along with Trance’s Lothar Antoni).  As for the songs, all ten tracks bring quality.  My personal favorite blood-boilers being Striker, Warlord, and Thunder & Lightning.  Solid production, too.  Fans of Accept, Trance, or Gravestone; go out and find yourself a copy of this album.  That’s an order!  My score: A-


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