Living Death – “Metal Revolution” (1985)

Cut-throat German speed/thrash here.  Hauling ass down the autobahn in a bucket o’ rust, leaking oil all over the damn place.  Vocalist Thorsten “Toto” Bergmann sounded as if he was at least 80% weasel, and he irritates these old ears by record’s end.  His, a voice best enjoyed in very small doses.  Nevertheless, Metal Revolution blasts off quite nicely with back-to-back-to-back quality tunes.  Opener Killing Machine boasts a surprisingly memorable hook, and is easily my favorite cut on the LP.  Grippin’ A Heart comes second, a cool number that keeps the ball rolling.  The third track, Rulers Must Come, incites a lusty head bang with its mid-pace pummeling.  Unfortunately, after track three, Metal Revolution takes a downturn, with tracks like Screaming From A Chamber getting stuck in the mucky muck.  Speedy tracks blur by, leaving you with little to show for it, ‘cept maybe a nasty migraine in your noggin.  A bit of a disappointment that the album couldn’t maintain the quality of its first three songs throughout, but Metal Revolution has its moments.  My score: C+


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