Overkill – “Feel The Fire” (1985)

Hello from the gutter!  It’s Overkill and their first full-length LP, Feel The Fire.  Do you feel that?  That’s the flames of fire scorching the hairs on your furry coin purse with the intensity of a thousand suns!  This Megaforce Records release still obliterates after all these years.  Overkill was not the most technical thrash band around, and they weren’t trying to be.  What they did was play heavy and fast, and with plenty of nasty ‘tude!  Some call Feel The Fire Overkill’s best album.  I’m certainly in no position to argue with that point!  (Although Overkill released a poop load of great albums, so its hard to pick a fave.)  Certainly, the first four tracks on Feel The Fire are damn near perfect.  Raise The Dead, Rotten To The Core, There’s No Tomorrow, and Second Son hit hard with head banging fury, devastating everything along their path, leaving wrecked necks in their wake.  Bobby “Blitz” Ellsworth, a rabid junkyard dog on vocals, spewed toxic waste from his rancid motor mouth.  Side two contains another fave o’ mine, the evil bliss of Feel The Fire, another Overkill “classic”.  I also love that Overkill, unlike most thrash bands of the day, gave equal treatment to the bass guitar in the mix.  That’s probably because bassist D.D. Verni was such an important figure in the band’s songwriting.  Part thrash and part punk, Feel The Fire was one of the great metal albums of 1985.  Essential!  My score: A


One thought on “Overkill – “Feel The Fire” (1985)

  1. Awesome album, this is one of those albums, I have bought multiple copies of sinces it release in October 1985.

    The CD pressings are

    Megaforce/ Important c 1985 p 1987

    Megaforce/ Caroline c 1985 p 1987–Pressed In 1989

    Noise International N 0035 CD pressed in 1988

    Megaforce–Music For Nations CDMFN 127…pressed in 1992

    I am sure there are others, but when buying back up copies…I always keep a eye out for the ones listed above since they are my favorite pressings.

    This was the last Megaforce release (for a band)..the last actual one was a compilation album called “From the Megavault”, when they with Important records…before Megaforce signed distroubution deals with Island and Atlantic Records.

    Classic essential metal album !!!!!!!

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