Crossfire – “Second Attack” (1985)

It’s never a good thing when you reach for the volume knob to turn the music DOWN.  That’s the unfortunate predicament I find myself in while listening to Crossfire’s Second Attack.  Man, this thing is just too over-bearing and too sloppy!  There’s a tremendous lack of finesse here.  And you know what?  Crossfire’s first album See You In Hell was actually pretty decent (though far from spectacular).  So what gives?  Well, I think Crossfire tried to get too “heavy” for their own good, and kind of overreached their (clearly limited) bounds.  Jeesh, some of these solos are just steaming piles of garbage!  Was this guy wearing mittens when he played these leads?  Plus, we have that Krokus throat yelling from the back room.  Okay, I kind of like the song Second Attack.  So it’s not a total disaster.  But even those wispy Belgian mustaches couldn’t save Crossfire this time.  NEXT!  My score: C


5 thoughts on “Crossfire – “Second Attack” (1985)

    • Excellent question. It is all relative. Because I believe that even bad heavy metal is better than 50% of all the music out there. So when I give this album a “C”, it is an “average” album compared to all the modern music out there. Most of the “F” grades would probably go to techno, hip-hop, and so on. Heavy metal/hard rock is the best kind of modern music there is. Period. Even so, there are some metal albums I would give an “F”, but I am in no rush to review those right now. Ha Ha.

  1. “F” albums are hard to find. Because that would have to include a person, not only NOT KNOWING how to riff, with NO understanding of music theory, and a band sense of timing, when it came to playing the rhythms. One would also have to be tone deaf and be out of tune and out of key at the same time. Then one would have to be sloppy as all could be.

    Most albums are in the “C” or C+ to “B” B- range, because for every guitarist who practices/ rehearses 1,200 hours a year. There is always some one with more dedication than that. Randy Rhodes was legendary with his 16 hour day pracitce regiments.

    “A” albums are basically the person who can express a wide range of emotions and convey those feeling/ additudes through the instrument of choice. Plus one must also be at the right place at the right time.

    The factor why most albums never get deleted from most collections is what I call “even a broken clock can get it right at least twice in one day” factor.

    Music is strictly a subjective matter only, those who claim to listen to music on a objective only basis are either total liars, or full of s*!@.

    Myself I never cared for this band, because Belgium’s best bands (subjective opinion) and my favorites (subjective peference) were Acid “Maniac”and this bands label-mates Warhead “The Day After”. THERE IS NO ACCOUNTIG FOR TASTE.

    Crossfire’s 1st and 2nd album should of been released during the second era of Masoleum Records during the CD age of heavy metal, as a 2 for 1.

    The first edtion Masoleum Record CD’s are licensed from a label called MMS, this happened in 1994.

    And in 2001, when Masoleum got the rights back, they did alot of 2 for 1 CD’s of the artist on this label bands who did two albums like Blacklace, Crossfire…etc.

    The biggest band to come from Masoleum Records was Doro Pesch’s Warlock..!!!

    • Yep. I have that very 2-for-1 CD (a Russian press). As for a “worst” list, I may do such a thing, but it would be more of a “most disappointing albums” list, whereby I talk about good bands releasing a “bad” album. An album that did not live up to the band’s previous standards. Everyone has a few of these duds in their collection.

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