Zed Yago – “From Over Yonder” (1988)

Do you like a little pirate lore infused into your heavy metal?  Of course you do.  If you thought Running Wild had the market cornered on pirate-themed metal, you thought WRONG.  I give you… Zed Yago!

While Running Wild’s version of pirate-metal had all the elegance of two bums fighting over a sandwich, Zed Yago’s tales of the sea were refined and graceful thanks to the superb (female) vocals of Jutta Weinhold.  Jutta was able to deliver soaring choruses with passion and emotion, all the while peppering her performance with a touch of the wicked.

From Over Yonder was Zed Yago’s debut album.  As mentioned, the lyrics of From Over Yonder were very much fantasy based.  The character of “Zed Yago” is supposed to be the fictional daughter of the Flying Dutchman and the sea.  Taking the form of a woman, Zed Yago sets sail in search of fantasy and mystery.  Sonically, the metal herein is pretty straightforward.  Simple riffing and minimalist drumming.  All laying a sturdy backbone for Jutta to weave her majesty o’er top.

Highlights of From Over Yonder include The Spell From Over Yonder, Zed Yago, and Stay The Course.  Another fave is Revenge, which features an almost hymn-like refrain.  Again, technique takes a back seat to atmosphere and the power of melody on this album, making From Over Yonder an enjoyable listen through and through.  From Over Yonder was proceeded by Pilgrimage (also 1988), an even better (and damn near prefect) album.  Both albums come highly recommended!  My score: A-


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